Santa Fe Avenue in Grants is actually the old Route 66 as it passes through town.  Easy access right off Interstate-40 at Grants exit.

Route 66 in Grants is a cornicopia of what the town is all about.  Grants grew out from Route 66 and for many years the old road was a golden spot for local business owners.  Agumented over the years by carrot productions, the railroad and, finally, uranium mining, Route 66 seems to be the only one to stick it out for the long haul, outlasting those other enterprises.

As it passes through Grants, Route 66 is a divided, 4 lane road.  Never very crowded, and darn near impossible to get lost on, tourists who pull off Interstate-40 can catch a look at what an old Route 66 town looked like.  Hotels, gas stations, bars and places to eat line Santa Fe Ave heading west all the way to Milan, Grants next door neighbor.  Some of the businesses are fairly new, as with some of the chain hotels (Comfort Inn, etc), others as old as the road (Sands Hotel, etc) and pressed up against the railroad tracks.  Grants offers several places to eat, from diners, steak houses and restaurants to chain joints and Chinese food.

A better sense of Grants can be found by staying over night in town and driving around to see the sights.  Towns in this part of America are unique and a quick tour of Grants well worth your time.  Take a few minutes to stop by the New Mexico State Univesity Grants campus as well.  To capture the feel of the area, try tuning in KDSK-FM oldies radio (92.7), a station firmly rooted in the area.  It's also a great place to find tips on local places to eat and sites to see.  The Mount Taylor Epic Race in February, and yearly classic, features athletes racing, running and moving up Mount Taylor.  The town is crowded during the event as well.

Grants is a special town along Route 66 and should be visited.  Located in Cibola county, it is truly blessed with superior natural wonders and clean air, wide open spaces and a civilized pace that might make you consider staying.  Grants has experienced an increase in retirees moving there since 2000 and seniors seek a better place to live in their retirement years.  To keep pace, the local hospital has been upgrading and local developers looking at increasing condo and rental units in town.

As local DJ and Oldies Music expert Don Webb notes, 'you can't go wrong with Grants.  It has the old, the new and  great plans for the future.  And, it has Route 66 to connect it all together''.