Sala Thai Restaurant 10769 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville , FL 32246 (904) 641-8384                                                                             This very casual restaurant is located in a small strip mall at the corner of Beach Blvd. and Anniston Rd. , between St. Johns Bluff Rd. and Southside Blvd. The interior features booths on the right side with pillows to sit on and triangular pillows to lean back on, reminding one of a gazebo. While these booths are quite intimate and comfortable, there are also tables if the booths are full and they will be if you come after 6:00 or so. Take out is available. Traditional Thai appetizers are served such as Fried Squid, fried Tofu, Mussles in clay pot, but include items such as Spring Rolls and Wontons that you would expect from any Asian menu. Pleasantly, the fried Shrimp are breaded; not battered and are especially outstanding. 5 soups are featured with a variety contents to choose from. A number of dinner salads are offered. Entrees start at $9.99 and are prepared in numerous ways with your choice of Beef, Pork or Chicken. You may choose Shrimp or Scallops for $12.99. The rest of the menu includes specific items such as Seafood, Frog Legs, Duck, and Fish; most prepared in different ways of your choice. A more than generous portion of rice comes in a huge covered vessel with large spoon; you not need to ask for more, but you may. Drinks include Soft drinks, tea, wine, beer & sake. The wine list offers affordable selections at $18 - $30; a few by the glass. The waitresses work as a team and you may meet all of them before you leave. If you order appetizers, wait to order dinner until you are finished. The entrees come out with lightening speed.