Fort Clatsop National Monument  -- part of the Lewis & Clark National and State Historic Parks -- was where the explorers Lewis & Clark camped during the winter of 1805. It's located a few miles out of the present-day town of Astoria and although the exact location of their encampment has never been determined, experts feel it was in this localized area.

The original buildings on this site rotted away many years ago, and no remains of the original fort have ever been [knowingly] found.  The first reconstruction was built in 1955 and was based upon sketches from Lewis & Clark's party. That lasted until 2005 when the buildings were destroyed by fire. A new reconstruction was completed in 2006 and that is what visitors see today. 

The fort offers various activities and there is a lovely visitor's center where you can view movies about the fort, see exhibits of fort content and buy souvenirs. 

Hikers may be interested in the Fort to Sea Trail , and there is also the Lewis & Clark River Trail which is an easy paved footpath along the river to Netul Landing.                         

Fort Clatsop is open 364 days a year--  9:00 AM to 6:00 PM in summer, and until 5:00 PM the rest of the year. They are closed on Christmas Day. There is no bus service to the fort.               

Fort Clatsop before the fire

Fort Clatsop,  1955-2005 reconstruction