Public transportation in and around Silver City is provided by Corre Caminos Bus Service. You can contact them at 575-388-3180 or toll-free at 866-934-3866.

Corre Caminos has several established routes with regular schedules, but is also available for charters and can pick up riders on an on-demand basis; contact them for details.

Drivers do not carry change. Children under age 5 ride free, but note that children under age 11 must be accompanied by an adult. Fares start at US$0.75 and are based on the number of zones traveled. Senior and student discounts are available as well as day and monthly passes.

There is no service on Saturday or Sunday, or on some holidays.

There are bike racks on some buses, and all are wheelchair accessible/disability-friendly.

Corre Caminos has also initiated a bus service (named Corre Cantinas) that provides service from any drinking establishment in town to any home address in town for a flat fee as a service to those who have been drinking.