For travellers travelling on route 89,  Page  Arizona,   is sure to have something you may have forgotten for your journey. There is a Walmart Super Centre, A Safeway, numerous motels, petrol (gas).  The size and facilities in  Page are a surprise, a modern looking place, with numerous shops, facilities and throughout the town lots of churches of various denominations!.


[additions, July 29 2012].  Be aware there is no BestBuy or Radioshack or any other of electronics chain store in the area and Walmart has a limited selection when it comes to this area.  There is a tiny Powell (or Glen  ?) Electronics store, but it does not carry many things, for example spare camera batteries or chargers.


As visitors to the USA  some towns on the journey were a pleasant surprise, some a disappointment; for example Green River Highway 70 Utah was a complete disappointment, a long main drag with lots of derelect shops and dwellings.  It is  helpful  to know what to expect from a town while travelling on a long journey..