Perhaps due to its transient population of visitors and park workers, Hot Springs isn’t one of the safest places in the country to visit. It was ranked one of the most dangerous cities in America in 2004 and in nearly every major category, the crime rate in Hot Spring is above the national average.

The most worrisome crime rate in Hot Springs and that which visitors need to be aware of as well is burglaries. In 2003, the burglary rate was more than 4 times the national average. Other crimes like petty and auto thefts are also high. In 2003, there were no murders reported.

Having said that, however, locals report feeling very safe in Hot Springs. They report feeling comfortable walking their dogs at night or heading out for dinner with change jingling in their pockets or purses. Statistics don’t always tell the full story, so visitors to Hot Springs should use caution.

Typical visitor cautions to any city or destination apply to Hot Springs as well. First, be sure to keep all valuables in the trunk or back of your personal or rental car. Don’t leave your laptop on the seat, for example. If you are carrying cash to pay for your getaway, be sure to carry small amounts with you and perhaps keep the rest in your luggage or in the hotel safe, depending on how much you carry with you.