There is remarkably good fishing in Seward Alaska  year round. Feeder kings are available in Resurrection Bay 12 months of the year. This is a great opportunity to catch some fish in the off seasons when the Bay is quite. A boat is needed as the preferred way to catch these Kings is by trolling. Feeder King charters are available. A great day of King salmon fishing in December is something to remember. By April the halibut fishing begins and continues with good to excellant fishing continues through September. Seward's fleet of modern charter fishing boats boasts some of Alaska most well known and successful captains. The boats usually travel out an hour for salmon or around 2 hours out for the prime bottom fishing grounds. Halibut average from 20-50 lbs. They can get over 300 lbs. and are called barndoors. Limit of 2 a day per person. There is a plethora of other tasty bottom fish caught while pursuing halibut every day.

 The local run of stocked king salmon peaks in June.  The hot spots for fishing from shore are the waterfall and culvert.  A  king stamp is required along with a fishing license. Limit  2 per day. These salmon will respond to spoons and spinners and they also can be kept if snagged.

Mid-June is when the first good numbers of Silvers arrive in the Bay and stay through Sept is when the silver salmon return. They can be seen jumping all over the bay and filling up local streams to spawn and then die, their life cycle complete.  They can be easily caught from the shore or on a boat charter. A limit of 6 per day, inside the bay and 3 per person outside, it is possible to can fill up your cooler quickly some days. Average size 12lb but can get into 20lbs. The Chamber of Commerce puts on the Silver Salmon derby every August for cash and prizes.

There are a number of reputable charter companies in Seward. An Internet search or quick glace at one of the guide books can help make the decision easier. Fishing with the owner of the charter boat  and sticking with a local resident captain can make the experience much more enjoyable and successful.  The charters usually supply all fishing gear and will clean/fillet the fish.. and even bait your hook!

There are three companies that will vacuum pack and flash freeze and they also do custom smoking and canning.  Shipping is available via FedEx. Each one works in one corner of the harbor or another and all do a good job. Or  in most cases you can simply bring one back for  dinner and release the rest to live another day. The Apollo located downtown will cook your catch and serve it to you. Nothing better than a fresh salmon! 

Bring a lunch and camera. Non- slip waterproof shoes/boots and raingear with layering of warm clothing is recommended. Precautions should be taken for those prone to seasickness.

Fishing in Seward is world famous and you will get a chance to see the same scenery as you would on a wildlife tour!