To see the most in the least amount of time, consider a tour of the historic Richmond. Either ride around in an air-conditioned tour bus, seeing the sites in rapid succession and deciding which to explore further later on, or get up close and personal with the city with a walking tour. The Richmond History Center offers a number both varieties, including bus tours detailing the Jewish and African American legacies and a “Ghosts, Goosebumps & Graveyard Tales” tour. Bus tours will cost about $20, while walking tours will run you about $10.

If you would prefer to stage your own bus tour, then Richmond’s GRTC public bus service is at your disposal. The GRTC has stops at or near almost all of the important tourist sites, though coordinating with bus schedules and routes can be more of a challenge than many travelers want to bear.

For the most freedom in planning where you want to go around the city, obviously having your own car is ideal. All of the major car rental services have set up shop at Richmond International Airport, so getting yourself a car should be no problem.

Another benefit of having a car at your disposal: Richmond is situated at the junction of two of the most heavily traveled highways in the state, Interstate 64 and Interstate 95, and within 200 miles of a number of major cities and tourist destinations—including Virginia Beach, Baltimore, historic Williamsburg, and the nation’s capital (only 96 miles away).