The village has little nightlife. Bentley's (Elm Street) appeals to a slightly more mature person except on a lively Friday/Saturday night. Richardson's Tavern at the Woodstock resort does have live music and a good atmosphere but you will not find many locals there.

The Town Hall has an active entertainment schedule with a good movie house (Friday-Monday 19.30) showing recent movies in a very comfortable atmosphere. It may not look much from the outside but it is very professionally run. informs you of all events and movies.

The town is very conservative and most visitors content themselves with a good meal and a stroll after dinner. Nature has a lot to offer and the town seems to feel that any form of nocturnal activity might cause noise and upset the village residents. For more activity you need to go to Rutland or White River junction or in  the winter months Killington. You can also consider Skunk Hollow Tavern (route 12 south) which has live bands on Wednesday nights and at is full with diners most weekends.

Killington is very lively with bands, comedy clubs and night clubs where one can spend the wee hours on a bleak winters night. In the summer the whole area is much quieter but at weekends there are some establsihements that would give Woodstock residents cause for concern!

In Hanover you will find an excellent local movie house ( ) and also a developed live music sceen as Darmouth College students atttract a more cosmopoliton crowd.

In general you do not come to Woodstock for nightlife, and will have to satisfy yourself with good food and a gentle stroll and an early night with a good book!