Where to Stay for a Braves Games 

Turner Field is located just south of downtown and south of I-20.

The neighborhood is not considered downtown, and is transitional, at best. During the few hours before, during, and after a Braves game, this area is safe, with a lot of fan traffic and a heavy police presence. Visitors should have no qualms about walking around and parking in that area, although expect to be hit up by panhandlers. Other than game time, it's an area to be avoided. There are a number of low income housing projects nearby, and it would not be unusual to see shady characters hanging out around the streets. For that reason, it is not recommended to stay in any of the hotels immediately around Turner Field. Consider staying downtown or even midtown for a relatively safer neighborhood that will have more to offer re: restaurants, nightlife, etc. 

As Turner Field is accessible by MARTA as discussed below, it is feasible to stay in downtown, midtown, Buckhead or even the Perimeter to attend a Braves game. For a discussion of Atlanta's neighborhoods, see the Sticky at the top of the Atlanta Forum.  

Getting to and from Braves Games 

By Car:

While traffic is quite heavy, it is not impossible to drive to Turner Field for a Braves game, and in fact this is how most people get there. There are a number of parking lots ranging from those operated by Turner Field to those operated by local churches and restaurants, with prices ranging from around $8-10. As you drive towards the stadium on Capitol Avenue, you can follow the overhead signs for various official lots, all of which are $10.

By MARTA: One easy way to get to Turner Field is by taking MARTA to the Five Points Station, and following the signs to the Steve Polk Plaza at Underground Atlanta, which offers shuttles to the stadium. There are always many buses lined up before and after the game, and HOV lanes allow the buses to avoid post-game traffic. The shuttles are free if you took the MARTA train or another MARTA bus to the plaza, or $2 if you did not ride MARTA. Here is more information: http://www.itsmarta.com/shuttle-expre...

In the past, sports bar Jock's and Jill's offered a free Braves shuttle. A number of people still ask about that option but, as the bar's midtown and downtown locations have closed, this is no longer an option.

Can I walk from downtown? 

A number of fans will take MARTA to the Georgia State station, and walk from there to Turner Field. If you're with a crowd, and it isn't too late,you should not have concerns about this. You might be wise to take the MARTA shuttle back to MARTA after the game, but when foot traffic and game traffic are high, there's no need to be overly concerned about walking through the neighborhood.

What to bring?

Fans can bring food and drink into the stadium to avoid paying the stadium's high prices.Check the Turner Field website to see what's allowed.

Where to sit?

Obviously, there are many seating choices, and it's probably better to ask on the Atlanta forum on a case by case basis for advice as to which option suits you best. Consider whether you want shade, 755 Club access, seat-side service, etc., in making that decision.

See this informative article from the Atlanta Journal Constitition: http://blogs.ajc.com/atlanta-bargain-...