Got ya' scattered smothered AND covered

Waffle House

A huge chain in metro Atlanta .  They have locks on the doors, but no one has the key cause once one of these grease havens gets built, they throw it away.

  • Where: Typically off any exit in metro Atlanta . Look for the yellow lights
  • What: Anything with grease! Known for waffles and breakfast food, but serves some lunch and dinner items.  Get the All-Star… or if you’re brave enough... the MVP.
  • Who: Anyone with a late night craving, a small budget and a designated driver.
  • When:  24/7 365
  • Why: Because the extra pounds wont matter in the morning

R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

Just off Peachtree Street in midtown, this cramped 24 hour health centric eatery features libations that are equally good for your taste buds as they are for the environment.

  • Where: 1812 Peachtree St NW Atlanta , GA 30309 Phone: (404) 872-2942
  • What: Free-range chicken, organic fresh juice, pastas, thai,  vegan chocolate cake just to name a few. Breakfast and dinner available 24 hours.
  • Who: Green people… and not martians (but with R. Thomas, you never know)
  • When: The drunk crowd isn't appealing... 24/7 closed holidays
  • Why: Cause you are what you eat!

Marietta Diner

This 24 hour north Atlanta suburb diner is as shiny as it is good.  With one of the largest and most extensive menus around, you shouldn’t have a problem tickling your tastebuds.
  • Where:   306 Cobb Pkwy S., Marietta , GA 30060 Phone: 770-423-9390
  • What:  A big fat greek helping of whatever you want.  Surf and turf to feta cheese omletes…
  • Who:  Owned by a greek proprietor: means everyone and anyone is welcome… OPA!
  • When: Waffle house doesn’t have enough variety… 24/7 closed holidays
  • Why: Because the 8 page menu wont throw you off your desire for Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, with a side of hashbrowns, and a glass of wine. OO and baklava!

Majestic Diner

No nonsense local landmark serves as a pit stop for late night partiers looking for anything from breakfast food to burgers.
  • Where: 1031 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Atlanta , GA 30306-4215 Phone: (404) 875-0276
  • What:  Short order cooking, but does it matter when you’re this tipsy?
  • Who: Frat boys and their sorority counterparts, but that doesn't always hold true (you just never know)
  • When: Coming back from a night in the Highlands … 24/7 closed holidays
  • Why: Because the bouncer (on busy nights…seriously) lifts the velvet rope for you.