Atlanta is home to many unique neighborhoods, each with its own personality. The possibilities for people-watching are endless, but these are some of the best bets:

Midtown - is a large, fairly affuent area that is very pedestrian friendly with high population density. There are countless bars, cafes and restaurants for visitors to park it for a few hours and watch the residents and their dogs stroll by. The crowd in midtown is more affluent, not exactly edgy, but very lively. The Virginia Highland neighborhood is similar - lots of young families and professionals from 20-40, not a great deal of  diversity, but a very open-minded area.

Downtown - unless there's a convention or sporting event, or one just likes watching homeless people, give downtown a miss.

Buckhead - this is the area for conspicuous consumption, where people go to see and be seen. One can shop among the Real Housewives and people who want to look like them in Lenoz Square or Phipps Plaza, or check out the music producers and sports stars in their Bentleys in any number of restaurants, like Bluepointe, Chops, Kyma. When celebs are in town filming movies and tv shows, which happens a lot in Atlanta, they often stay at the St Regis, so the bar there is a must for the visitor hoping to catch a glimpse. Even if there aren't celebs in Buckhead hotels, one can always at least get an eyeful of tipsy Buckhead Betties (housewives) in their tennis gear, enjoying a tipple before their husbands get home.

Atlanta's edgier neighborhoods provide great people watching too. The Edgewood corridor is packed with hipsters, especially late at night. East Atlanta and Little Five Points have a parade of people from every walk of life, from punks to rastafarians to emo kids to yuppies with strollers and labradors, and everything in between.For my money, the patio at the Brewhouse in L5P is the best people watching in Atlanta.