Ashford has a tourist information center in the hiking outfitters store in the middle of town. You can get free maps and park info there. Next to the center is a climbing stone that children will love.There are few things to do in town other than eat, sleep and get ready to hike Mt. Rainier's National Park.

However, there is a lovely pottery/art gallery/local crafts store called the Ashford Pottery Shop that is worth a go-see.  The owner glazes pottery that his wife makes with glacial flour that is recovered from the local runoff of the Mt. Rainier Glaciers.  He has hand painted cards that depict the beautiful wildflowers that appear in the park in late summer and souvenir t-shirts, hats and jackets that have lovely embroideries of Mt. Rainier.  He carries books about local wildlife, horticulture and the history of Mt. Rainier and the park.  His daughter bakes chocolate chip cookies for sale, too.