Fox Glacier is truly a special place to visit. Home to the largest glacier on the West Coast, visitors flock here from all over the world to walk on the ice or enjoy a scenic flight over the spectacular Southern Alps .

The Glacier
The largest and longest of the West Coast glaciers, Fox Glacier ends in rainforest just 250 meters above sea level and 12km from the sea. The glacier is very accessible and a 1.5-hour moderate return walk leads to a wonderful viewpoint of the glacier. You can take a guided walk on the glacier - you will find several companies in the area.

Fox Glacier is also a good base for exploring a range of other activities:

Scenic Flights

Only from the air can you truly appreciate the grandeur of Fox Glacier and the Southern Alps . You can view this area by plane or helicopter; options can incorporate snow landings, circuits of Mounts Cook and Tasman or explorations of both Fox and Franz Josef glaciers.

Local Walks
A range of walks suitable for all abilities take you to viewpoints of the glacier and the Southern Alps , through rainforest or farmland, along rivers and streams or strolling on beaches.

Lake Matheson being one of the most popular of the walks. This being one of New Zealand's scenic icons, evening sunsets over Mounts Cook and Tasman provide unforgettable reflections in this tranquil lake.  The 90-minute easy circuit walk around the lake takes you through pristine rainforest and is truly rewarding at any time of day. An excellent way of starting your day a Fox, is to take the Lake Matherson walk and follow that up with a breakfast at the new cafe beside the car park.

Gillespie Beach
Explore the wild west coast! See the sights of the remote Gillespie Beach with its endless mountain vistas and beautiful lagoon. You may even spot seals or dolphins. A 40-minute walk takes you to the lagoon and a 3.5-hour rainforest walk leads to the Galway beach seal colony. Fishing off the beach can be quite productive.

Gillespies beach, don't swim in it!

Gillespies beach has quite a bit of history that goes with it. Being a very early settlement because of the Gold found on the beach. You still can find gold there.

DOC camping ground

For those that like camping, there is a very good DOC camping site at Gillespies beach. There is a short walk to a gold dredge and the cemetery. 3500 people used to live there.


Other Options
Historic explorations of gold mining history, trout and salmon fishing, kayaking, mountaineering, hunting, sky diving, mountain biking and more.