Renting a car in Tucson is a reasonable option.  There are eight major rental companies at the Tucson International Airport , and many have other locations around the City as well. There are also smaller car rental agencies scattered around town.  Visitors arriving in Tucson who want to drive into Mexico need to know that most rental car companies do not allow this.  There are several car rental agencies in Tucson that do rent cars for travel into Mexico, and the required Mexican liability insurance is included in the rates. Search the TripAdvisor forums for current information if interested. 

Taxis and shuttles are readily available at the Tucson International Airport at all times.  For travel within town, there are several taxi companies. As a rule call for a taxi about 1/2 hour before needed, and allow at least that much extra time if returning to the airport.  Taxi companies tend not to be responsive to calls earlier than that.  For scheduled pick-ups, there are town car and driving services in the "Yellow Pages."  For return to the airport, getting a taxi at a hotel is easy to arrange.  From other locations, better service may be obtained by using an airport van service; see the "Yellow Pages." Tucson is a very "spread out" city, and catching a taxi on the street even in the downtown area is not likely at all.

Many convenient parking options are available downtown, thanks to the ParkWise infrastructure, with all system parking lots served by TICET shuttle stops.  Navigating around Tucson is fairly easy, thanks to its grid layout of east-west Streets and north-south Avenues. 

One drawback to having a car is that traffic can be heavy, particularly during morning and evening rush hours, along most major roads, so plan your driving schedule accordingly.

An extra benefit of having a car is being able to get out of the city and visit some of the area’s more secluded outdoor attractions such as Saguaro National Park - West and the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum , located about 10 miles west of Interstate 10, or Saguaro National Park - East on the opposite side of the city.  Several golf courses and country clubs are also within driving distance on the outskirts of the city.