Although Santa Fe is a small city of approximately 65,000 residents, it contains a plethora of neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are largely distinguishable by their architectures and locations. Several of the Santa Fe neighborhoods are historically meaningful or former exploration trails from the Mexican and Spanish Empires.

Historic Guadalupe

This neighborhood matriculated from Guadalupe Street,  the ancient road that was supposed to lead from Mexico to Spain. Satuario de Guadalupe was a sacred site where travelers sought a safe voyage from the patron Saint of Santa Fe.


The Santa Fe River and Old Pecos Trail surround the Eastside. Canyon Road stretches across the entire community and dirt roads branch off from the main road. It is a combination of small, adobe homes and magnificent estates above St. John's College.

South Capitol

This neighborhood grew from the State Capitol building complex to the end of St. Francis Drive. It is a cluster of frame-constructed bungalows, some of which have been updated to reflect adobe styles. It is quiet and convenient to the Plaza.

Southeast Santa Fe

Santa Fe realtors consider this area to be the most exquisite in Santa Fe. It contains the museum area and extends to Old Santa Fe Trail. Its modern subdivisions and gated communities offer amenities like golf and exercise facilities for its residents. Some homes in the Southeast have million-dollar views of the city, mountains, and sunsets.