Duff's Sheridan has been known for their chicken wings siince the early 70's.  At one time they sparred with The Anchor Bar for rights to call themselves the originator of Butffalo style chicken wings but have since conceded to The Anchor Bar.  Wings come in a wide variety of heat levels; the "medium-light" heat level is probably typical of what you may find in a restaurant outside of Buffalo.  Do not expect different flavors of hot sauce as is typical outside of the Buffalo area.  This is the real thing.   Menu includes grilled cheese, chicken sandwiches and basic salads.  French fries come in large bowls and are very good.  Try a unique local sweet beverage: loganberry.  Order soft drinks in pitchers for your best value.  The restaraunt is very casual; often there is a wait for a table, especially on weekend evenings.  A favorite spot for nearby University of Buffalo students, but also a favorite for business people at lunch as well as families.