Catching lake trout is fairly easy ONLY if you are fishing in the first 3-4 weeks of the opener.  June 15 is the opener on this gorgeous lake.  Lake trout can be caught from the bank, float tube, or boat.  The key is to fish SLOW.  You can catch the majority of  fish in 15-30 ft of water within the first 3 hrs of light.  Evening fishing can be good as well-again the last 3 hrs of light.  Blue fox spinners in sizes 2-4 in gold or silver color.  Silver with the blue bell seems to be popular as well.  Many bank fisherman seem to do well on a Jakes "money clip" in white or gold colors-red spots.  The lakers average 2 -6 lbs.  The Yellowstone Cuthroat can be caught on the same lures but within the top 10 ft of water. 

If fly fishing-most times of day seem to produce lots of good size fish.  The average cuthroat last yr (June 15-17th, 2007) was 20 inches!  A sinking fly line is needed with a leach pattern.  These fish are not leader shy so you can use a heavy leader.  No cuthroat can be kept but don't forget to take a few photos of these beautiful natives!