With its proximity to Zion National Park, Springdale has been in the tourist business for a long time. They have come to know what shoppers are seeking, and have built their businesses around those things. Springdale has its share of souvenir and gift shops, offering everything from cheesy prints of perfectly toned, bare-chested Native American warriors embracing beautiful, model-quality Native American princesses (Aunt Bunny would love that!), to some very pretty jewelry. There are also a number of shops and stores purveying quality items that keep bringing the buyers back.

Red Rock Jewelry and Artworks, on Zion Park Boulevard, is one of the latter, featuring pendants, rings, and earrings made from saphire, opal, and other stones, as well as gold and silver. Pretty just to look at. Karla's Jewelry is now located at Lafave Gallery. An interesting new upcycled and handcrafted boutique is in the space. Fun, interesting local crafts are artfully displayed and the proprietress, Joy Stein is a friendly, knowledgeable local.

Tribal Arts Gallery, also on the boulevard, genuine Native American and southwestern items: sculpture, sand paintings, baskets. 

Frontier Plunder Antiques on Zion Park Boulevard (it's a long boulevard), has a name that makes you think the proprieters went out searching the old trails for abandoned and lost treasure. Maybe they did. In any case, there is a lot of it there. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on some authentic antique Native American beadwork, 1930's jewelry, saddle blankets, and pottery? The prices are excellent and the owners, mother and son, knowledgeable and helpful. They love the beautiful things they sell. Not a lot of kitch here. 

Regarding the plunder mentioned above, actually, the owners scour the southwest and the world for hand made goods, picking up a hand woven Navaho blanket from a pawn shop here, buying a precolumbian pot from a rancher who found it on his land there, and even scoring a pair of silver bracelets in Tibet . They promise they can document the source of every pre-contact object they carry. 

Kimarie's Canyon Clothing can provide you with any articles of clothing you may have forgotten when you packed, such as that extra pair of shorts. Recreational items for your trek into Zion National Park can also be found there.  No longer in business, but Whiptail Grill now resides in the same location offering some gear in its side store.

Bumbleberry Gifts, beside and adjoining Wildcat Willies restaurant, is another gift and gear shop located on the boulevard.  Associated with the Bumbleberry Inn (hence the name)  this location offers a wide selection of convenient no pressure browsing with reasonable prices.

For other shopping choices in the town of Springdale, visit one of the tourism websites at Zion Park