Well, if you were in San Antonio in the 90's you may well not recognise the place now!  Always famous for its "West End," San Antonio has made many changes.  There is now a promenade from the bay to the town with palm trees, benches and some great beachside bars dotted along the way.  And 2007 saw the opening of a second promenade which runs from the town down past the sunset cafés of Mambo, Café del Mar & the like, right over to the beach of Calo des Moro.  Quite a lot of improvement has taken place in the streets too, with new one way roads and wide pavements being built and the bus stop has been moved so that the buses now don't come into the town - freeing up the traffic.

There has been a huge shift from providing "fun pubs" to chill out bars and the real Ibiza vibe has creeped into San Antonio at a lightning speed.  Many people come here a few times a year for long weekends, or visit the resort from their base in Ibiza Town or Santa Eulalia. There is plenty to do even if you just spend the day and it's a real eye opener if all you remember are the TV programmes from 10 years ago.
Keep out of the main "town" area of San Antonio in July & August if you like things a little quieter at night & go for the hotels such as Es Pla, Palmyra, Neptuno & Bellamar which are still within walking distance but have a great location.

Seafront Bars and eating out

The "new" breed of sunset bars up by Calo des Moro provide a welcome place to chill out in the day, eat or for one of the evening pre-parties, all to music of course. Coastline in the quietest of the 3 due to a dispute with the owners of the flats above, but has the best selection of pools. Sunsea probably has the most sunbeds, and Kanya has evolved from a yellow marquee to a bar (with obligatory pool) that more than rivals the other two, with pre parties for cream, judgement sundays and armada among others . If you like your sunset bars to be more traditional the new promenade takes you right down to Savannah, Cafe del Mar and Mambo, avoiding the previously perilous trek across the waste ground.

 Sunset at Kanya Beach Clubthe judgment girls at kanya

 Close to Cafe Mambo is Davids Pizzeria - which represents excellent value. Be warned you will need to book or be prepared to queue at popular times. If you are eating on a budget there are several restaurants along the waterfront - albeit it with very similar menus to each other. If money is no object Kasbah, next to Kanya is to be reccommended, especially the fillet steak. For those who are yearning Burger king or KFC, these can both be found in the West End. Also inthe West End many of the bars will serve pub fare and english or scottish breakfasts.

 Curving round towards the bay along the beach you will find the Orange Corner and Bar M, another popular pre party bar, as well as playing hosts to live bands such as the artic monkeys as part of Ibiza Rocks. Although this season it served more as a meeting point to be taken to a different location due to licencing restrictions.

San Antonio sunset 

San Antonio Clubs

The two big boys are sited oppositite each other close to the egg. Es Paradise playing host to Tidy and DJ Samni`s "water party" which ends with the dance floor becoming a swimming pool. From the outside Es Paradis is showing its 31 years of age, but from the inside it is possibly the most ornate club you will ever see. White mable columns surround the dance floor, with hanging baskets. There is a second auxilliary raised dance floor and the Dj booth is hidden, by Ibiza standards above themain dance floor. there are also several bars dotted around the club, with one on a rasied balcony area for those that want to observe from a distance.

Opposite is Eden which was redevloped around 2000 and holds the title of San Antonios biggest club playing host to Judge Jules Judgement Sundays, a night which also hosted the likes of Lisa Lashes, Eddie Halliwell, Sander van Doorn and Vikki Devine amongst others during the 2007 season. Eden also hosts Gatecrasher with Dave Pearce and Garlands.

inside Eden 

The club is probably the most "British" in lay out with a dance floor running through the middle, with the crowds congregating towards the end where the DJ booth is. There are 2 bars either side of the main dance floor, and podium dancers, as well as a dry ice cooling system from the ceiling. Strecthed above the main dance floor is a balcony with sofas and a bar where you can observe the action down below. Also on the first floor is the white room - a dance area with a slightly funkier, less manic beat. Behind the dj booth on the ground floor is the back room, which also offers some different sounds.

 Next door to Eden is "the garden of Eden" , which is a good place to have a pre clubbing drink. Expensive by West End Standards, but very very cheap compared to the prices next door (a bottle of beer in Eden will set you back 9 euros, a bottle of water 8). the prices is es Paradis are similarly Wallet Busting.

Located in a temporary home by the Egg is Plastik , a venue that is free to enter and that has been receiving praise recently for revitalising the West End (its original home)

All 3 clubs are quite happy to let you take a camera in, unlike some of their rivalsho will confiscate any cameras they find at the entrance.

The West End

Made notorious by Ibiza uncovered 10 years ago, the West End has cleaned up its act considerably. It is still however a little corner of Britain in Ibiza, with a sea of neon , loud music, cheap drink offers and stag/hen groups. At 4 o clock the action in the west end moves inside. Santa Agnes is the liviliest strip  , and the Highander bar is to be recommended for a post clubbing drink (if you are there before 6 oclcok when it shuts for a few hours). The Highlnader has 2 floors, with karaoke on the lower and a slightly quieter upper floor playing club music with a DJ (who would incidentally put many british club dj`s to shame). the atmosphere inside is normally jovial, and not suprisingly drunken.

Opposite the highalnder is Deliahs Welsh bar, while Joe Spoons Irish bar is slightly further down. there are also a couple of disco pubs together with free clubs play 2 and the eden rooms. For those still wanting to see more flesh, temptations strip club on the same road.

 Running parallel to the west you will find Hogans, a vaguely Australian themed bar, whcih is a good place to watch live sporting events, and Kilties, which is lively but not so lively you can`t have a conversation. For a "quieter" West End experience Colom street offers a variety of smaller pavement bars - the dolphin and its neighbour reccommended for friendly service. Opposite Hogans is another strip club, where the dancers are prone to appearing on the roof. At the North End of the West End area you will find the Ship Inn, which is a traditional english style pub (not a Spanish style english pub which is very very different), offering some live music, pool, and acts as a local information point for workers and wannabe workers.

Patrolling the West End you will find a collection of African traders offering sun glasses, sqeaking toys, light up glasses, mini umberellas and the ubiquitous "something else". If you are not accompanied by a female you will find yourself approached by African prostitutes trying to persuade you to try their own version of "something else" although they are a little less subtle about it than that!


A Land train runs from nearby the Egg up through the hills to a cafe at Sant Ines for a cost of 11 euros for a 2 hour round trip, and is well worth doing to see some of the surrounding area and views of the San Antonio coastline from above. Included in this price is a drink in a cafe at Sant ines in lovely surroundings. the trip also takes in the lemon and orange growing plantations as well as millionaires row of villas.

on the road train 

Along San Antonio waterfront there are a variety of boat cruises offering trips between 1 and 3 hours, as well as a trip to the neeighbouring island of Formentara. The 3 hour trip round Es Cana or goat island comes recommended  at a cost of 22 euros each. Also on offer are evening sunset and clubbing cruises, and many of the boats have glass bottomed or submarine sections if you want to observe the life below the sea. For those who like their boat trips to be more lively a stunt boat and paragliding are also available. For those that just want to relax some boats offer a ferry service to the nearby blue flag beaches.

es vedra boat trip