Super Paradise - The most popular beach for gays.  At the end where the boats come in, there is a long established Taverna (help yourself)  The food here is very good with made up plates of various Starters, Salads, Meals and Desserts.  There is also a good range of hot home cooked meals to choose from.  Take a salad, meal, dessert and a beer and you are set up for the day.  There is also a bar and disco at this end where you can dance.  At the other end of the beach (the gay end) there is jackie O bar, up in the rocks with tables around a pool , a lot of dancing and shows ,with good views.  The place to check guys in their swimsuits!

Elia - Large beach with fine sands and various water sports.  As usual, gays to the right as you look out to the ocean.  A little further on past the gay part and over the rock is a small intimate cove, with a lot of cruising by the rocks.  There is a bus service to Elia.

Paranga - A marvelous beach with wonderful Cafe/Bar on white wooden decking, comfortable chairs and sofas, blue glassware with flowers on tables.  There are Tamarisk trees along the beach to give you shade.  Its a perfect place for a cool drink while staring out to sea.  Further along there is a great restaurant on two terraces and on the sand serving a selection of high quality cuisine.  Again,gays to the right and over the rocks and pathway is a very small intimate cove.

Platis Yialos - Very busy family beach resort.  From here you can take a boat that will visit every beach all the way to Elia; simply buy your ticket for the beach you want to step off at.  These boats are especially good for Super Paradise where there is no bus service.  Buses to Platis Yialos are from the bus station at Fabrica Square in town.