When visiting Macau, you will be pleased to discover that there is quite a few 'Free Things to Do' in Macau for visitors to discover.  Below are some of the best free attractions in Macau. 

1.) Macau World Heritage 

There are over 30 inclusions in the Historic City Centre of Macau and only a few require any form of entrance fee. Top free attractions include Senado Square, Ruin's of St. Paul, Monte Forte, St. Dominic's Church, St. Lawrence's Church and A-Ma Temple.  

2.) Free Museums 

There are some good museums to visit in Macau and many are actually free. Top free museums include the Macau Grand Prix Museum, Wine Museum and Handover Gifts Museum. Small museum collections of historic artifacts can be viewed at St. Dominic's as well as the basement at the Ruin's of St. Paul.  


3.) Free Hotel and Casino Attractions 

Free entertainment and free galleries can be found at many of the city's major hotel and casinos. These include the canals at the Venetian Macau Resort, the Performing Lakes in front of the Wynn Hotel and lobby displays at the Grand Lisboa, Grand Praca at MGM Grand and the Michael Jackson Gallery at Sofitel Hotel at Ponte 16. 

4.) Free Churches and Temples 

There are many churches spread around Macau as a result of a long colonial period under Portuguese rule.  These are free to all free to visit and some are amongst the most popular attractions in the city.  These include St. Dominic's, St. Lawrence, St. Joseph, St. Michael's Chapel, Penha Church and St. Francis Xavier (in Coloane).  

As one would expect, there are traditional Chinese temples to discover throughout Macau as well.  The most important and popular to visit is A-Ma Temple at Barra Square, another worth visiting is the Kun Iam Temple.  


5.) Free Villages and Squares 

One of the enjoyable ways to visit Macau is simply to wander the historic squares, districts and streets, many of which are lined with traditional Portuguese style homes and feature tiled streets similar to those you would see in Lisbon. Popular areas to wander and enjoy the classic 'East-meets-West' feel of Macau include Senado Square, St. Augustine Square, St. Lorenzo Quarter, Tap Seac Square, Taipa Village and the quiet Coloane Village.  


6.) Macau Parks, Gardens and Beaches 

You can visit the Macau gardens, parks and squares for free.  A personal favourite is the Suzhou style Lou Lim Iok Garden, found northeast of Tap Seac Square.  Camoes Garden, Strolling Avenida da Republica beside Sai Van Lake and Hac Sa Beach are amongst other popular (free) places to spend time outdoors in Macau. 


7.) Free Galleries and Exhibitions 

Macau's art and culture scene is quickly emerging alongside the cities casino and entertainment. There are a handful of free art galleries and exhibition rooms that you can be regularly viewed include the Leal Senado exhibition room, Tap Seac Gallery and 10 Fantasia.  

8.) Free Performances

Macau is a surprisingly festive city to visit with free festivities, opera and exhibitions throughout the year.  These include the free events and performances held during the annual Chinese New Year holiday; including the 238 meter long Dragon Parade, numerous dragon dances as well as a pinwheel fair. 

Free fireworks displays are held at various times of the year as well. A local favourite spot to watch is along Avenida da Republica at Sai Van Lake, where you can see the fireworks next to the Macau Tower. 

9.) Free Food Tasting

Throughout Macau, you will find local bakery shops, pastelerías, where you can taste all manner of local specialities and treats.  Most popular of these shops are Koi Kei Bakery and Choi Heong Yuen.  Popular places to try Macanese snacks include Dasanba Street (Rua do S. Paulo), just below the Ruins of St. Paul and nearby Rua da Felicidade and Rua du Cunha (Taipa Village). 


10.) Free Transportation (major hotel and casinos)

The large-scale hotel and casinos offer free shuttle service between major transportation hubs (ferry terminals, airport and border crossings) as well as to other major hotel/casinos in Macau. 

Information about free activities, performances and exhibitions can also be found on the monthly 'What's On Macau' Website.