Waters Meeting is one of very few river loops in South Africa. What makes this special is that the loop has almost closed out at the 'neck' (No tell the children they cannot wait for it to happen!).

The Waters Meeting Nature Reserve is very close to the Historic Village of Bathurst in the Eastern Cape. Bathurst lies on the border of the Frontier Country and Sunshine coast tourist regions of South Africa. This sleepy village is the host to many 1820's national monuments.

From Bathurst's Historic Pig and Whistle Inn (on the R67 to Grahamstown) you would travel South down Trappes Street, a sand road at that point, you would then follow this road through the village and into the farmlands surrounding Bathurst. After about 4kms you enter the Reserve. the viewpoint is a few metres away and offers a spectacular panorama of the actual U-shaped River and the beautiful Eastern Cape countryside, photographs are a must!. The 'U' also marks the point at which the fresh and seawater officially meet, hence "waters meeting".

For the adventurous, there is the drive or walk down to the river where some rustic huts and an old jetty mark the spot where a canoe trail from Port Alfred ends.