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  • Recommended to all "no nonsense" travellers that go to the Amazon to do what you should do there: Get in touch with nature and experience the beauty of the river.
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  • Best place where to stay in Bucaramanga
  • Relaxing, Wonderful Hotel
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  • Great family location, great service
  • It was just perfect.
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  • High Strung Picky People Stay Away Thankyouverymuch
  • The best vacation in my life - in Hukumeizi, Palomino
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  • Awesome beach. Friendly staff. Fantastic Getaway.
  • Albert and Nydia from Canada. Great Design, Great Facilities, Great Gardens, Great Staff, Great Food, Great Temperature
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  • Best Customer Service, Best Value
  • Best Holiday, since!
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  • Would stay again
  • 5 out of 5
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  • Amazing place in the Colombian mountains
  • Perfect place to relax with your family
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  • Space, Quality & Outstanding Service
  • Comfortable, well located, clean and great service in El Poblado Medellin
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