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  • A beautiful, low-key hotel with a very friendly staff. Beautifully decorated. Location is everything and this one, in the heart of Tel Aviv, has the best!
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  • Just so lovely - more like a guest house than busy hotel
  • Highly recommended boutique hotel in perfect Tel Aviv location
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  • Exellent weekend
  • Its a wow
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  • A great place to stay in Tel Aviv
  • Best breakfast and really nice staff
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  • A very nice hotel in the heart of Tel Aviv
  • Breakfast is the most imprtant meal of the soul
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  • Fantastic people and great diving
  • Another great stay
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  • Beautiful hotel in romantic and historic setting
  • Best hotel experience of our whole trip
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  • Arrived this morning...staying for a week
  • Fantastic hotel
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  • the best place for kids and family
  • Herzelia: on the Marina!
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