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  • A high-end hotel with every amenity you'd expect, great service and a lovely location. You can even ask for a wake-up call if the Northern Lights become visible.
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  • Excellent staff --- Inviting ambiance
  • About as near perfect a stay as possible
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  • One of our favorites from our trip!
  • Just as good the Second Time Around!
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  • Ultra-Modern Hotel in a Great Location
  • Clara at the Front Desk - Amazing!
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  • My 2nd stay in Reykjavik
  • Oct 22
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  • Great hotel, excellent central location
  • Great Location in downtown Reykjavik
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  • Hotel Centrum Reykjavik
  • Excellent hotel, Lovely city
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  • Excellent hotel, perfect location
  • Great Boutique Hotel - Top Location!
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  • Good location hotel with responsible and friendly staff
  • Wonderfully comfortable and excellent Breakfast
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