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  • Would return in a minute!
  • just great
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  • Like coming back home. But better
  • Nice Condos To Stay in AMAZING Pool & Staff!
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  • Husband and I had the most amazing experience at Anthony key Resort
  • Our second trip was even better...every moment memorable
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  • Beautiful, comfortable and private resort.
  • Fabuloso Hotel (Great)
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  • Simply the best place to stay in San Pedro Sula.
  • The best hotel I've stayed at in San Pedro.
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  • Went for our Honeymoon, liked it so much went back for our 1st anniversary
  • Great option in West Bay, amazing dive operation!
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  • A hidden gem!!
  • "Absolute Paradise!"
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  • Parrot Tree, No Parrots but lots of Trees
  • We love the Parrot Tree
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  • "Best Hotel i've stayed in by far"
  • September 2014 visit
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  • Great place to chill for a couple of days before flight back to US
  • A nice, safe place in San Pedro Sula
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