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  • Great experience and they treat clients with class
  • Hospitality at its finest
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  • A great week at Infinity Bay
  • Nice Hotel
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  • Great Relaxing getaway, dive/snorkel resort
  • Great and safe time diving with Anthony Keys resort with Carnival Cruise
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  • They were curteous
  • We loved this place!
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  • Without a doubt the best hotel in town
  • Simply the best place to stay in San Pedro Sula.
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  • Feb. 2014 and returning Feb. 2015 for the 4th time
  • Beach day in Roatan
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  • A hidden gem!!
  • "Absolute Paradise!"
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  • Parrot Tree, No Parrots but lots of Trees
  • We love the Parrot Tree
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  • Perfect for business travellers
  • Great stay in Honduras
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