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  • Beautiful colonial residence. The building has been lovingly restored. The rooms are large and furnished with period pieces; the beds are huge, giving a feeling of quality and style.
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  • Awesome stay with an amazing view
  • Great place, good food, ideally located
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  • Incredible friendly service in a modern, clean hotel
  • Modern hotel with great amenities & service
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  • This place is perfect !
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  • Los Tajibos is THE perennial favorite among locals and visitors
  • An absolutely amazing hotel
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  • A relaxing and well-run hotel in Santa Cruz
  • all you want in nice place
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  • What a pleasant Surprise!
  • Very nice stay
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  • Restaurant only: The trout was great
  • Wonderful "extra attactions"
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  • Modern, beautiful hotel close to airport
  • Very good hotel for transit passengers
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