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  • I had the good fortune to stay for three weeks. Those three weeks will always be among the most memorable and cherished memories of my life.
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  • Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!
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  • amazing stay for our honeymoon!!
  • As perfect as ever
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  • Short Holiday
  • All luxury. Nothing rustic.
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  • Kenyan Safari and Beach Holiday
  • Relaxing beach holiday at the Baobab following a safari in the Masai Mara
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  • 4 days of pur wildlife & nature - in combination with great hospitality
  • One of the most memorable lodges on our safari
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  • Wow – What Service, what a beach
  • Amazing!
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  • Beautiful hotel and welcoming staff
  • beautiful hotel
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  • Beautiful, colonial style hotel - fabulous food, coffee and pools
  • Stay in Scorpio Villas and find Geoffrey
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