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  • The food was not only delicious but a work of art, the presentation thought out just as much as taste.
Cuisines: French, Spanish
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  • Sensational
  • Faultless
Cuisines: Spanish
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  • We still talk fondly about El Club Allard! Sensational!
  • Truly outstanding
Cuisines: Contemporary, Eclectic, Fusion
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  • Heaven on a plate!
  • Awesome experience
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Spanish, Fusion
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  • Wow!
  • wonderful food.
Cuisines: Contemporary, Eclectic, International
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  • Deserves the stars without a doubt
  • Michelin Experience
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  • Star Quality - Fantastic Service
  • Just keeps on getting better
Cuisines: International
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  • Super super
  • Best sushi in Barcelona
Cuisines: Japanese
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  • amazing and original restaurant
  • wow, wow, WOW!
Cuisines: Spanish, Contemporary, International, Fusion
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  • Still the jewel in Nerja's crown
  • Lovely restaurant with great food
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