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South Miami Holiday Rentals

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  • Enhanced property ownership verification in addition to verification of owner name and address via valid credit card
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  • Flexible dates & rates
  • More options in smaller towns
Property owner typically means…
  • Verification of owner name and address via valid credit card
  • Direct & personal contact
  • Detailed rental knowledge
  • Flexible dates & rates
  • More options in smaller towns
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3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, Sleeps 8
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Studio, 1 Bathroom, Sleeps 4
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3 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, Sleeps 8
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1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Sleeps 2
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  • All (379)
  • Allapattah (12)
  • Coconut Grove (23)
  • Coral Way (25)
  • Downtown (153)
  • Little Havana (6)
  • South Miami (4)
  • Wynwood - Edgewater (1)
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  • Wheelchair access (1)
  • Elder access (2)
  • Suitable for children (2)
  • Pet friendly (0)
  • Smoking allowed (0)


  • Air Conditioning (3)
  • Garden (3)
  • Internet (3)
  • Other outdoor space (3)
  • Washer/Dryer (3)
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Miami holiday rentals

Miami is the heart and soul of Florida, and one of the most foremost coastal cities in the United States. With a tropical climate eclipsing 30 degrees Celsius during the summer, the city is renowned for its golden beaches stretching along the coast. Miami also has plenty of self-catering options for visitors including a variety of condos, a few of which have weekly rates lower than £500 a week.

Where to visit in Miami

Miami has a number of beaches, and among the more notable of these is Miami Beach which includes miles of beaches along the coastline. There are also a number of beach-side condos located alongside Miami Beach. Miami Beach also includes three golf courses such as Miami Beach Golf Club, the Le Gorce Country Club, and Bayshore Muncipal Golf Course. Miami has a variety of art galleries, such as Miami Beach's Bass Museum of Art, Wolfsonian-FIU Museum, and the down-town Miami Art Museum. Other exciting venues include the Art Deco Colony Theatre which hosts some world-class film festivals, and the Lincoln Theatre which stages a variety of classical concerts from the New World Symphony.

Family holidays in Miami

For family holidays Crandon Park is among the best family beaches. Here, there are volleyball courts, tennis courts, and even a golf course. Tropical parks such as the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden have a great variety of tropical plants. Or consider visiting Seaquarim which has a variety of marine wildlife such as dolphins and manatees. In addition to this, the Miami Children’s Museum is a fun museum to visit. Renting condos in Miami can also be a better accommodation option for families as they are well equipped, located, and economical.

Day trips in Miami

For a great day trip in Miami consider visiting the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, which is one of Miami's historic landmarks. The Vizcaya Museum is set in acres of gardens and native woodland, and the museum displays a variety of antiques and decorative European art. Alternatively, consider visiting one of America's finest outdoor pools, the historic Coral Gables Venetian Pool which includes waterfalls and coral caves. The Arsht centre, at the Biscayne Boulevard, is one of the newest theatres and concert halls in Miami, and is one of the largest in the United States.