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Since Feb 2010

65+ year old male

St. John's, Canada

Been travelling the corner of this planet since very early 1960's. Now my wife and I both retired have not lost the touch and love of being 'Out and About'. I still carry my backpack,she has moved to the bag on wheels, which I invariably end up toting. We see ourselves as traveller not tourist, and can and do enjoy the occasional expensive night out. We've moved beyond the dorm living to private room con ban privado. When not travelling we have a large and productive garden to attend to plus love doing the back country and tail-gate camping ( that's tenting for us) in the summer in our super beautiful province. We have found Chile, Argentina, Peru and Ecuador to be very inviting when winter arrives in Canada. Last winter it was to,Ecuador to bring our Spanish survival level, and this year it's our 3 rd visit to Chile and Argentina... We do the loop nroth to South, cross over and then South and cross Bach before heading north again to Santiago.
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