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Date Edited   Traveller Article   Most Recent Edit
9 Aug 2014   Kuala Lumpur: Time between flights at the airport (v7)   v7
28 Jul 2014   Kuala Lumpur: Beach Resorts closest to KL and KLIA (v11)   v11
19 Jul 2014   Malaysia: Do I need a visa to visit Malaysia? (v22)   v22
7 Jul 2014   Georgetown: Taxis & Buses (v7)   v7
10 Jun 2014   Malaysia: Help me plan my Trip and Itinerary (v3)   v3
10 Jun 2014   Malaysia: Crossing the Border (v10)   v10
8 Jun 2014   Kuala Lumpur: Guide to the Airport (v5)   v5
8 Jun 2014   Kuala Lumpur: Arriving & Departing (v98)   v98
6 Jun 2014   Malaysia: Malaysia and Transport (v6)   v6
6 Jun 2014   Kuala Lumpur: KL Taxi Drivers (v23)   v23
27 May 2014   Kuala Lumpur: Recommended Reading (v6)   v6
21 May 2014   Kuala Lumpur: Sepang or Subang? (v12)   v12
18 May 2014   Kuala Lumpur: Transiting KUL terminals / long transits (v16)   v15
18 May 2014   Kuala Lumpur: Hotels Around the Airport (v17)   v14
18 May 2014   Kuala Lumpur: Airport to the City (v13)   v13
18 May 2014   Kuala Lumpur: How to get between KLIA1 and KLIA2 (v10)   v9
28 Apr 2014   Ko Samui: Night Markets in Koh Samui (v2)   v2
18 Jan 2014   Kuala Lumpur: Taman Tun Wet Market (v2)   v2
10 Dec 2013   Johor Bahru District: Legoland, HelloKitty or theme parks (v5)   v4
12 Nov 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Health & Safety (v11)   v11
5 Nov 2013   Kuala Lumpur: How to make your KL holiday fun! (v4)   v4
29 Sep 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Taxis & Rental Cars (v11)   v11
25 Sep 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Forest Research Institute Malaysia FRIM (v10)   v10
9 Sep 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Kenanga Wholesale City (v2)   v2
7 Sep 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Shopping (v9)   v9
31 Aug 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Petronas Twin Towers (v26)   v26
21 Aug 2013   Malaysia: Banks & Money (v25)   v24
11 Jul 2013   Malaysia: Important Phrases (v9)   v9
27 May 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Further afield (v8)   v8
21 May 2013   Cameron Highlands: Getting to Cameron Highlands (v14)   v14
9 May 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Getting Around (v12)   v12
19 Apr 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Introduction to Kuala Lumpur (v7)   v7
1 Feb 2013   Malaysia: Emergencies (v16)   v16
28 Jan 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Train to Singapore (v16)   v14
28 Jan 2013   Kuala Lumpur: Sepang F1 Grand Prix: Getting there (v14)   v13
29 Dec 2012   Kuala Lumpur: First-time Visitors (v17)   v16
6 Dec 2012   Kuala Lumpur: Choosing the right hotel for you. (v5)   v5
5 Nov 2012   Ko Samui: Samui Webcam (v1)   v1
22 Aug 2012   Kuala Lumpur: Royal Selangor Visitor Centre (v8)   v8
30 Jun 2012   Kuala Lumpur: Tourist Board Info (v5)   v4
15 Jun 2012   Kuala Lumpur: Port Klang (v4)   v4
14 Jun 2012   Melaka: Arriving & Departing (v5)   v4
14 Jun 2012   Kuala Lumpur: Long distance buses to/from Kuala Lumpur (v5)   v5
16 Mar 2012   Malaysia: Bargaining (v10)   v10
29 Dec 2011   Kuala Lumpur: Christmas & New Year in Kuala Lumpur (v2)   v2
15 Dec 2011   Kuala Lumpur: Public Transportation (v36)   v36
8 Dec 2011   Selangor: Ampang Point Shopping Centre (v5)   v3
18 Nov 2011   Kuala Lumpur: Blind Massage & Reflexology Centers (v10)   v8
10 Nov 2011   Kuala Lumpur: Suria KLCC Mall (v4)   v4
29 Jan 2011   Phuket: Scuba Diving (v7)   v6
15 Jul 2010   Malaysia: Hotels with Views of Petronas Towers (v2)   v2
23 May 2010   Kuala Lumpur: Planning your trip (v8)   v8
21 Apr 2010   Kuala Lumpur: Architecture (v8)   v8
27 Jan 2010   Kuala Lumpur: Nightlife (v11)   v10
18 Aug 2009   Kuala Lumpur: Pavilion Mall (v3)   v3
28 Jun 2009   Kuala Lumpur: Kuala Lumpur Hop-on-Hop-off tourist bus (v4)   v4
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