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Green Valley, Arizona
Since Jun 2006
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14 Aug 2014   San Juan Islands: Comprehensive (v53)   v53
16 Jul 2014   Whidbey Island: Background (v24)   v24
13 May 2014   Wyoming: Newbies - Things You Need to Know (v32)   v31
18 Jun 2013   Yellowstone National Park: Packing for Yellowstone NP (v3)   v3
17 Mar 2013   Yellowstone National Park: Wildlife - Binoculars, Scopes & Cameras (v33)   v33
10 Mar 2013   Seattle: Pacific NW, Sample Itinerary(s) (v20)   v19
14 Jan 2013   Wyoming: Lodging for Yellowstone National Park (v4)   v3
7 Jun 2012   Seattle: Trips to Victoria BC and Vancouver (v57)   v49
27 May 2011   Wyoming: Yellowstone-What to Bring (v33)   v28
21 Oct 2010   Seattle: San Juan Islands (v3)   v3
18 Oct 2010   Portland: Portland Food Carts (v9)   v2
14 Oct 2010   Bellevue: Background (v1)   v1
2 Sep 2010   Seattle: EverGreen Escapes Seattle Day Tours (v2)   v2
22 Aug 2010   Yellowstone National Park: Breeding Season in the Park (v7)   v6
22 May 2010   Friday Harbor: Arriving & Departing (v6)   v6
8 Jan 2010   Seattle: 5 Best Attractions in Seattle (v4)   v2
14 Sep 2009   San Juan Islands: Something for Everyone (v13)   v13
20 Mar 2009   Bellevue: Things to Do (v10)   v10
9 Mar 2009   Washington: Itinerary, Pacific NW - WA, OR, Victoria (v13)   v9
8 Mar 2009   Seattle: University of Washington (v5)   v5
9 Feb 2009   Seattle: Washington State Ferries (v9)   v3
25 Jan 2009   Friday Harbor: San Juan Coffee Co (v2)   v2
20 Jan 2009   Seattle: Teen Travels (v6)   v2
7 Jan 2009   Seattle: Arriving & Departing (v87)   v31
7 Jan 2009   Seattle: Puget Sound Region, WA State (v2)   v2
18 Sep 2008   San Juan Islands: Things to Do (v10)   v9
13 Aug 2008   Yellowstone National Park: Wildlife Observation Courtesy (v2)   v2
11 Aug 2008   Seattle: Weather & When to Go (v16)   v15
8 Aug 2008   San Juan Islands: Only in San Juan Islands (v7)   v7
20 Jul 2008   San Juan Islands: Background (v5)   v4
17 Jul 2008   Seattle: Neighbourhoods (v31)   v26
20 Jun 2008   Seattle: Seattle Food Tours (v3)   v2
5 Jun 2008   San Juan Islands: Ferry Travel (v4)   v3
15 May 2007   San Juan Islands: Dining Scene (v1)   v1
24 Aug 2006   Redmond: Things to Do (v3)   v2