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Since Apr 2013

Lives in Quezon City, Philippines

35-49 year old male

I love to travel and am fortunate enough to have work that enables and often even requires me to do so on a regular basis. So far my travel has been limited to my home country, the Philippines but the wonderful thing about my country is that there are so many beautiful places to see that I have yet to see everything that there is to see. Generally, my requirements for a good venue are, bare minimum, a clean, reasonably sized swimming pool, comfortable beds, a good bathroom, and a breakfast buffet with a good variety of choices (preferably with bacon). I also like venues with beaches and/or open spaces where my kids can play. I sometimes like a good spa, though I tend to shy away from hotel/resort services as they are usually pricier than regular spas outside. For venues where I have to deliver lectures, which describes most places to which I have to travel, I like conference rooms with powerful air-conditioning as I usually lecture to at least two dozen people, and comfortable seats.

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