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About Me

Since Jan 2013

Lives in Whitsunday Islands, Australia

25-34 year old female

My name is Sheree and I am a Presenter /Tourism and entertainment professional. I have always loved to travel and believe it really is what gives everybody wisdom and life experience. I want to help travellers and non travellers feel excited and confident in their bookings and help them to think outside the box of where to go to make an amazing adventure. I have stayed in 5plus star to back packers all around the world and Australia and I continue to do so. I hope my reviews and feedback helps people and local businesses to be more successful and get a honest opinion on services . When travelling I advise to jump out of your comfort zone and throw yourself into many things. For me,im a absolute animal lover a glamour girl a adventure seeker and a experience type of woman all rolled into one. I believe you CAN have your cake and eat it too adventure at day and party at night . Love the animals and enjoy amazing meals . It just takes a bit of thinking and Ill be honest A lot of guts :)

  • 78 reviews (Top Contributor)
  • 19 hotel reviews
  • Reviewed 1 Travellers' Choice winner
  • 39 restaurant reviews
  • 20 attraction reviews
  • Reviews in 25 cities
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