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Since Sep 2010

Lives in Nyon, Switzerland

65+ year old male

I’VE BEEN AROUND THE BLOCK A FEW TIMES. Married since 1972 (mostly happily) I’m the proud dad of two lovely, grownup daughters – one a successful marketing professional and an up-and-coming author, the other handicapped since birth; a young lady that not only keeps us busy, but also very connected with the real challenges of life. Professionally speaking, I had an extensive career with world leaders in their respective domains (hi-tech, automotive, service) where I developed some of the industry’s most memorable communications programs. I also drove a cab, sold men’s clothes, cleaned offices, decorated retail stores, cooked hamburgers and worked as an architectural draftsman. For a while I was a busy rock musician and more recently I took over a run-down restaurant and (supported by my wife and eager staff) turned it into a flourishing business renowned for exceptional seafood dishes. I did the cooking, she did the serving. Today I’m back to doing what I know best: Create powerful marketing communications strategies that differentiate companies, grow brands and boost sales. But I do this very selectively and only on a consulting basis, because what I missed during many hectic years on the job, I now try to catch up with by spending quality time with the wife, my daughters, the grand children and with friends. Plus I found a new passion: Writing short stories. When I travel or go out for a meal, I’m critical without making a fuss. I like it simple, friendly and reasonably priced. Commenting on Tripadvisor means I really want to say something. I seldom come across bad places or obnoxious people, but when I do, I think these folks should not be allowed to do what they do – and I want to tell the world to help make sure they stop doing it. The same applies to my complimentary write-ups: Where credit is due, credit should be given – and I want to help these people being successful in their business. I like Tripadvisor and seldom go anywhere without consulting what other people have to say.

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  • Reviewed 1 Travellers' Choice winner
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