All Articles Discover fresh twists on familiar destinations with Chivas Extra 13 Irish Whiskey Cask
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Discover fresh twists on familiar destinations with Chivas Extra 13 Irish Whiskey Cask

Find the true meaning of 'Extra'

There's nothing like getting off the beaten track and discovering something truly unique on holiday. Those secluded bars, exclusive restaurants, and hidden attractions are often all too easy to walk past—but impossible to forget.

Chivas Extra 13 is about bringing new flavours and unexpected twists to familiar experiences, join us on a thrilling journey through some of the best hidden travel gems in London, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

Discover your destination with a twist

Uncover whether you're meant for the hidden art & culture scenes of London, the vibrant nightlife of Berlin, or the unique canal-side entertainment of Amsterdam.

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See the extraordinary side of London

London is a city bursting with historical landmarks and iconic attractions - but beyond the towers and palaces, you'll find mesmerizing art exhibitions, quirky underground bars, and delightful backstreet locations.

If you're looking for a charming speakeasy, you can't go wrong with Happiness Forgets. Tucked away in a dimly-lit basement in Hoxton Square, this bar offers delicious cocktails served up by expert mixologists in an intimate environment. For fans of more eccentric venues, Cahoots Undergound delivers a selection of truly unique cocktails, all served in a disused tube station decorated like a vintage train cabin.

Between cocktails, you can also enjoy the unrivalled buzz of Camden Market, take in immersive theatre displays at The Vaults, and attend creative events at The Truman Brewery.


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Discover something extraordinary in Berlin

Berlin is known for its vibrant culture, intoxicating nightlife, and striking combination of historical landmarks with ultra-modern buildings. Unsurprisingly, the city also offers a number of incredible hidden gems—if you know where to look.

For fans of thumping underground techno, the legendary Tresor is a must-visit. However, if you're keen to get above ground and enjoy stunning city views, then Deck5 may be a better option. This lively rooftop spot offers delicious food, refreshing cocktails, and even an artificial beach. Who doesn't want to sip scotch underneath a palm tree in the middle of Berlin?

To browse everything from vinyl records to antique furniture, be sure to wander through the Mauerpark flea market, where you'll be able to mingle with locals and pick up a few vintage treasures. Otherwise, the delightful Holzmarkt 25 is a fantastic riverside creative space for live music and food stalls.


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Embrace the extraordinary in Amsterdam

Amsterdam: a city loved for its world-famous museums, stunning canal views, and picturesque architecture. But while Amsterdam has plenty of popular tourist attractions, travellers seeking out more unusual experiences can find everything from secret bars to exclusive dining clubs.

As a pioneering European speakeasy, Door74 is the perfect bar for fans of high-end cocktails—you'll just need to ring the right doorbell to enter. The Butcher is another brilliant option for atmospheric cocktails, transforming from a popular burger joint into a mysterious bar once the sun goes down. Just be sure to reserve ahead of time, since you'll need a password to get in!

To soak up the cultural side of Amsterdam, be sure to frolic in the WONDR Experience (an immersive artistic playground) and visit the Our House Electronic Dance Music Museum, where you'll explore interactive installations and DJ-curated exhibitions.


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