Rajacke Pivnice

Rajacke Pivnice, Negotin: Address, Phone Number, Rajacke Pivnice Reviews: 4.5/5

Rajacke Pivnice
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Brooke M
323 contributions
Little stone town with wine
Oct 2020
This is a little stone town where wine is made in the old traditional manner. Walk around and see all of the stone buildings which includes tiny pubs (for wine tasting). Make sure you visit the really old cemetery and go to the look out point to see Bulgaria. Call ahead for accommodation and food. We never found a bathroom so plan accordingly.
Written 21 October 2020
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djordje r
45 contributions
A wonderful place to visit
Aug 2020 • Couples
Forced to stay in Serbia this year because of COVID-19, we decided to visit our Serbia. I have had a cottage in Vinci for 30 years (eastern Serbia near Srebrno jezero and Golubac), we decided to get to know Eastern Serbia a little better. It was mandatory to go to visit Rajacke Pimnice. After searching the internet and asking through friends, I decided to choose accommodation in Villa Milanovic. It was the right choice. The hosts Emina and Zoran Milanovic were exceptional. Their modesty and dedication to make your stay in Rajac will be unforgettable for a long time to come. I will start from driving a tractor to tour Pimnice and all other sights to accommodation that was really high quality. We were accommodated in a special house. I recommend this accommodation without any objections. I do not want to reveal everything else to you so that you experience everything else in your own way.
Written 4 September 2020
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Belgrade, Serbia1,155 contributions
In the heart of tradition
Jun 2020 • Couples
Those stone buildings were built in XIX centery by families who made wine. Since it is tradition, their inheritors continued making wine. Most of them still make it in traditional way. But, lot of buildings are devastated and not in use.
They live from selling their products to tourists. So don't be annoyed if they act too offensive, they have good intentions.
Prices of products vary, but aproximately 5eur per bottle for wines and 9eur per bottle for rakija or some stronger type of drink.
Written 27 June 2020
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Manresa, Spain8,075 contributions
Great traditional dishes in Rajac!
Nov 2019 • Friends
Rajacke Pivnice is a restaurant and accommodation located in a little old and traditional town called Rajac, not so far from Negotin, in the Eastern Serbia. We came here, because we visited Raj Winery (or Vinarija Raj, in Serbian language) and they say us, if we could taste traditional dishes and wines of the winery here. Really, it was a great choose! dishes were excellent: cured meat, cheeses, rolled meat with cauliflower, roasted meat or spicy grapes. Wonderful! And obviously wines also were very good. An incredible traditional place with very friendly staff/owners! Thank you for the experience!
Written 25 April 2020
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Melbourne, Australia674 contributions
Excellent hosts
Jul 2019 • Couples
Owners Zoran and Emina Milenovic warm and friendly people did make our stay at their eco ethno very memorable.  These two people are hard working and very hospitable. Such a pleasure to meet them and chat to them. 

Our accommodation was basic but comfortable, privite and clean. Two separated beds, bathrom and nice sitting in front of it was all we needed. 

Food (breakfasts and dinner) was enjoyable and nice. They did offered non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks as well. 

We wish them all the best in their business as in our perceptions do deserve it.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We did enjoy it.
Written 21 July 2019
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Jeremy P
Suva, Central, Fiji8 contributions
Lovely tavern in an enigmatic town!
Apr 2019 • Couples
Vila Milenovic Rajacke Pivnice is different from what Serbs generally call a "Pivnice," in that it's not strictly a tavern or drinking establishment. Rather, it's a very homey and welcoming bed and breakfast, run by a lovely husband and wife team who open their home, culture, and local knowledge to people who want a truly special experience. This part of Serbia is very special, completely unlike the rest of Serbia in that much of it still has very intact ancient villages and a unique blend of Serbian / Romanian / Bulgarian / Vlachian culture and history. Rajac and its adjoining two villages are distinct in having a host of some almost 200 ancient "Pivnice," many of which are almost 200 years old. You may best explore the area by staying at Vila Milenovic, which has excellent amenities, and is spotlessly clean. Rajac also has a 16th century cemetery that is unlike any in the rest of Serbia - sepulchers stand at odd angles and are truly haunting.
What makes Vila Milenovic Rajacke Pivnice stand out is the bubbly hospitality of the hosts, their tasty wine, fantastic food, and the effort they put into making guests feel specially attended to. They will go out of their way to make sure that you're happy, guaranteed! Make sure that you have your hosts show you around the entire premises, as it is quite an interesting little museum of ethnic curios and heritage showcasing regional history.
Written 6 April 2019
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Novi Sad, Serbia35 contributions
Complete Failure!
Apr 2018 • Couples
I've been hearing stories about Rajacke Pim(v)nice for centuries! Finally, I was there yesterday. Coming from Zajecar I was eager to try famous wine and food in Rajacke Pivnice. I missed the junction before Negotin, because no "Rajac" (the name of the village) was written, but some obscure village name Rogljevo. Since I am a visitor, not the native, there was no way in heck I could know that this Rogljevo is a sign of Pimnice direction. And I missed it. Here is a small digression. Traffic signs in Eastern Serbia are a disaster, as a whole. So, one is in position to getting a direction by interviewing locals. The people in the area are very friendly, pleasant and willing to help. However, their advice is commonly the same - "Go straight ahead. You can't miss it!" ..... and I always miss "ït", cause as a rule, there is a junction ahead. Ok, let's go back. I missed this unfortunate Rogljevo, and entered Negotin. With a little help of interviewing 4-5 locals (my GPS malfunctioned from some reason) I finally found my way to the village of Kobishnica, and further to Rajachke Pivnice. The place is very near to Bulgarian border so the Border Police is in charge. It appears that these people are very professional and helpful in helping to find a right direction. Driving to Rajachke Pivnice I was confused by the fact that the road had been in a quite bad shape. For such a famous place, as internet says, I expected a better infrastructure. However, I was so eager to finally reach Rajachke Pivnice, to taste the vine and food, that nothing could discourage me or spoil my enthusiasm. My bad I haven't read the comment of Marina S, about Pivnice not to be visited before late spring. I thought the beginning of April was late enough. To make a long story, short. When, finally, I entered the village Rajac I realized that the reality was quite different than shiny photos on the net. It's a poor village. Seemed quite deserted. I met a guy and his wife, and they told me - Nothing is working!!! I couldn't believe that, so I drove 2km further up to the hill to the exact spot of these Pivnice. Like a ghost place. There was not a mad dog barking, even. No restaurants, no Pivnice .... Nothing!!! On the second thought, I hadn't seen a single restaurant, anyway. The locals told me that only groups were accepted, and even groups should be announced by the phone days before! My tour-retour trip of about 60km was for nothing except enjoying a scenery. I've had my meal two hours later in Donji Milanovac. A nice, tasty grilled catfish from Danube river and a beer. That was my first, last, and never again trip to "famous" Rajacke Pivnice.
Written 11 April 2018
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Novi Belgrade, Serbia82 contributions
Extremely interesting!
Aug 2016 • Couples
We visited Rajacke Pimnice in a group of 15 tourists on a an organized day trip from Kladovo. The site is on a hill 2 km from the village od Rajac and is genuinely a unique cultural site with over 250 over a century old wineries and the village graveyard with misterious grave stones with svastika, Maltese crosses and other simbols engraved. Both have been sets for several films.
The place looks like a ghost village because it has been deserted for several decades. but is now coming into the focus of tourist industry and the prices of old wine cellars with shops above have gone ten times up in the last several years. It is officially listed by the Government and is seen on the UNESCO list in the future.
We had a fantastic lunch in one of the two restaurants that we saw there, with local specialties and rakia nad wine. The region is famous for the quality of wine, exported to France in the past, to which it owns its development and high standards in building the cellars, and wine processing and storaging.
It is located about 20 km south of the town of Negotin and 1 km from the Serbian-Bulgarian border. The approaching road is narrow, we travelled in a hotel passenger van, the direction signs could be better. Watch out the unprotected level railway crossings!
They say that the wine sold in some of the cellars up there is far from premium quality and that you should go to local wineries in the surrounding villages for free testing and purchase.
It was an equisite and rich experience that I would highly recommend! Well-worth the time and money!
Plan a three hour visit if you want to enjoy your lunch on the site, and additional time for wineries in the villages. I suggest an organized tour with a guide, otherwise you could miss the best parts of it. If you are coming on your own, ask the owners of the restaurants for information.
Written 4 September 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Bojana Đ
Belgrade, Serbia30 contributions
Unforgettable people
Oct 2015 • Friends
We visited this place a little bit of the season, so we didn't expect to find anyone. Fortunately, we ran into a great family and their private gathering in the Saint George cellar. They insisted we join them and welcomed us very kindly, so our panoramic visit turned into dinner and wine with the hosts. After a great vine ( we tried on so many, but I recommend Tamjanica, white or red depending on the taste, because I enjoy sweet vines) and traditionally made veal we hit the road again, with a smile on our face and experience we'll never forget..
Written 26 October 2015
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Goran M
Vienna, Austria35 contributions
Nice but.....
Aug 2014 • Friends
Wine is OK. No toilets, poor hygienic conditions, lot of garabage around. The road to Rajac is in such a bad condition that you wonder where are you. Almost no road signs and the ones being around there are almost all covered with graffiti or buried under piles of thrash and cannot be read.
Written 7 July 2015
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