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Pembroke Pines, FL973 contributions
Help Jamaican families out. Shop in the local craft market.
Jul 2021 • Family
Remember that craft markets provide the livelihood for hundreds of families. Olde Market benefitted from a USAID grant with support from the US Peace Corps when it was completely built from the ground up in 1991. So next time you visit, tell the John the Peace Corps volunteer sent you!
Written 2 July 2021
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Munich, Germany757 contributions
Good opportunity to buy souvenirs
Apr 2019
It is a good place to buy souvenirs. It is not cehap, but not overpriced and cheaper than shops. You can haggle and make a good price. Sometimes, sellers are a bit pushy, but it is not a real problem. There are sold T-shirts, caps, handcraft works, other clothes and so on. You can pay in US-$ or local currency. There is also a supermarket nearby, where you can buy coffe and ron much cheaper than at souvenir shops.
Written 29 March 2020
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Debra F
11 contributions
Aggressive Vendors
Feb 2020
I feel for the vendors trying to make a living, however the aggressive actions of them and locals on the street made me want to turn around and go back. I would not recommend any female be without a male. This is the only Caribbean country I have travelled that a was fearful for my safety. Will not go back to Jamaica.
Written 7 February 2020
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Antwerp, Belgium84 contributions
Jan 2020 • Couples
OCHO RIOS CENTRE (craft and fruitmarket)

We paid $35 to get from RIU Ocho Rios to the centre of ocho rios (single ride).

- The cab driver dropped us at a mall where he probably gets commission from if you buy something. It’s a large shop from an Indian owner, they sell overpriced souvenirs, coffee and jewelry.
- We got a small tour from a guy who said he worked at our hotel. He showed us around and bought some spices for us. At first he told us everything was free but afterwards he tried to charge us $60 for the small tour. He got a bit mad when we didn’t want to pay the full amount. At the end we gave him $20 and we kept the spices. Don’t be afraid to say no to the locals.
- The cab driver dropped us of at some other tourist craft markets that weren’t that special.
- The average week income in Jamaica is around $45, so don’t give away all your money to a scammer.

- If you want to explore the city centre and the local markets, do it by yourself and don’t listen to your cab driver or any other locals. If you are lost, just ask directions to someone who seem normal/ decent. Most Jamaicans will help you with pleasure.
- TIP: look at the pictures to see an image of the cab prices in Ocho Rios.
Written 19 January 2020
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Johnstone, UK346 contributions
Perfect for souvenirs
Dec 2019 • Couples
This was our first visit to thos market our hotel ran a shuttle bus to Ochio Rios Market twice a day so it was the perfect way to see a little more of Jamaica and have chance to buy a few souvenirs.

We found a lot of the stalls sold similar items but some were varied with their items. This was our 4th trip to Jamaica so we felt quite comfortable and safe moving around market. We found all the sellers very friendly and truly grateful of a purchase, even those we didnt buy from were not pushy.

We enjoyed a few red stripes at market and explored some of town centre. We enjoyed our afternoon and would visit again.
Written 6 January 2020
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9 contributions
The Ocho Rios Craft Market is a must see if you want to experience the true Jamaican locals.
Jan 2020 • Family
I was staying at Moon Palace Jamaica in Ocho Rios where I met a very kind lady who was selling accessories at the hotel for an event. She told me that she has also a shop at the craft market a few minutes walk outside of the resort. She explained she also braids hair and would love for us to visit her during our stay in Jamaica. She gave us her phone number and her store number. So, although many people in the reviews said not to go outside of the resort, we ventured to the market the next day and it was one of the best parts of our trip.

There we first looked around. The first few shops were not too pushy for they get easier business. After that, each shopkeeper asked us to come into their shop to see their wares. They are, of course, just trying to make a living, and because so few tourists from the resorts and cruise ships come here, they’re eager to invite everyone they see in. They are also happy to bargain, and we got some great souvenirs at several shops. After we were done shopping, we kept wandering and kindly said no to the many shopkeepers still inviting us in. But even after saying no, they were just happy with a handshake and a friendly conversation.

At the market, the nice lady we met at the hotel found us and gently invited us to come meet her niece and see her store. We went over, and I got my full hair braided at a very reasonable price, and we remembered to give a generous tip. While I was getting my hair braided we had a fun conversation with the women in the shops near that area; Patsy was the kind lady whose store number is 85, and Pril was her niece who had a shop to the left of Patsy’s. My mom and I had such a fun time, we went again the next day, which was sadly also our last. Patsy and her friends were very friendly and happily told us a lot about Jamaica and taught us some Jamaican Creole. Jamaica is a low-wage, high-cost economy, and even the resort employees don’t get paid well. With so few tourists leaving the resorts and cruise ships, the local merchants and craftsmen struggle to get by. I would really love it if when you go to the Ocho Rios Craft Market that you support the people there, rather than just shopping at hotel gift shops. Why go all the way to Jamaica if you’re not going to experience to the country and meet the people? So many of these reviews are very negative about these merchants who are just trying to get by, but I doubt any of these review writers actually took the time to get to know even one of these shopkeepers. So many of them are very kind and friendly. While I was there, I saw about 3 cruise ships very close to the market, but nobody from the boats came to the market. Instead they go to hotel gift shops and duty free stores with kitschy knick-knacks, none of which is a truly Jamaican experience.

In conclusion the people at the craft market are just trying to get by, and have a stable living. Once you get to know them they are really just looking out for themselves, so please be understanding and at least give it some thought and consider going to the Ocho Rios craft market. And when you’re there, just talk to them—you might even make some new friends like we did.
Written 5 January 2020
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Toronto, Canada114 contributions
Dec 2019
This market is opposite to a plaza where the shop owners pay the tour operators to bring the tourists to the plaza. Its two or three times more expensive in these shops. At this market you buy from the artists, craftsmen and and flea market vendors who cannot afford to pay the tour operators so the prices for the identical products are so much cheaper. I you need help in finding something simply ask for the market's manager, Patricia, who is located near the back of the market next to the parking lot. Enjoy.
Written 28 December 2019
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Kirkcaldy, UK253 contributions
July 2019
Jul 2019
This is our 7th visit and always something different and unusual to purchase. People are bit too friendly to try and get you to enter the market but still a good experience.
Written 15 August 2019
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45 contributions
Ocho Rios Craft Market
Jun 2019 • Family
I love visiting markets on holiday and am used to bartering if needed and being persuaded to buy from sellers, however the sellers here were very pushy and rude when you declined their offer of gifts that you had to pay for. We were with family who live in Jamaica and the sellers were hostile that we did not buy from them all. There are some nice bits to see but most stalls have the same things. I just wanted to leave it wasn’t the casual browse I had expected.
Written 1 August 2019
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25 contributions
Ok but you can get hounded by the locals
Mar 2019 • Family
The craft market in ocho Rios is nice to look around, but be prepared to be hounded by the locals. There have a saying that it doesn't pay to look. But when you do go and look, it's like their are pressuring you to buy something, then double the price because u are a visitor and may not understand the currency.
Written 28 April 2019
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