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Very good

marcus j
10 contributions
Quirky but fun
Nov 2019
A converted garage is the first impression you get but this is soon overtaken by its charm, warm friendly service, comfortable seats,snacks, coffee & a pub too. I loved it. A must go venue if you like something out of the ordinary.
Written 21 February 2020
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1 contribution
Disability discrimination
Jul 2019 • Friends
I’m actually very sad to write this because I love this venue. But I was Treated extremely badly by the owner as I asked for a concession for disability. He looked at me, and he actually looked me up and down from head to toe and told me that I looked fine to him. I was shocked. No one has ever done that before. People have hidden disabilities. I’ve been extremely unwell with medical conditions that have prohibited me to work, therefore Extremely careful about how I spend money. They have a measly £1 discount for people with disabilities. Why would anyone Try to get that discount if they didn’t really have a disability? He questioned me over and over and over again. Excuse me he interrogated me about my disability. Legally, you’re not allowed to do that. There was a queue of people watching. I told him he was being discriminating. I explained the disability law to him and he actually told me that he doesn’t keep up on those kinds of things that he’s running a venue. I was absolutely gobsmacked. He’s running a business and he needs to be fully aware of the equality act And how you treat people. I was in tears. He actually brought me to tears as he interrogated me over and over again. When I tried to explain my disabilities, belittled me even more by saying he had a bit of that. I could barely speak. Who does the sky think it is? He didn’t tell me everyone’s got a bit of a disability and they had to find the real ones so that people were just making excuses to get cheaper tickets. I wanted to report him immediately but as I like the venue so much, I didn’t. The owner and manager needs to go on some training courses for disability awareness in the workplace. He needs to stop belittling people with disabilities. I’ve only written this because I’ve just read the review from the other person which was very brave of them. It’s giving me the courage to write mine
Written 13 December 2019
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Brighton, United Kingdom26 contributions
Quirky place, great food
Nov 2019 • Couples
Booked to see a show and got some food at the little Lebanese restaurant. Asked the girls behind the counter for some advice on what to try and settled on chicken shwarmers and a beer each. Food was delicious. Venue quirky - seemed odd that they don’t book seats though. The night we went the place was about 2/3 full so no issues finding somewhere to sit, but if they sell every seat it would be horrid to turn up last and not be able to sit with friends/family. We liked this venue and will keep an eye on the listings and visit again.
Written 18 November 2019
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Peter H
Hastings, UK77 contributions
Great little cinema
Nov 2019 • Friends
Quirky cinema in the heart of St Leonards. Beautiful old cinema with various styles of seats. The main area being typical cinema seats, but there are sofas and armchairs also. Lovely little bar inside the cinema with additional chairs and tables. Not the average cinema. Well worth a visit.
Written 11 November 2019
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London65 contributions
Disorganised and disappointing
Oct 2019
When Kino Teatr opened it was great, a little cinema on our doorstep but as they have grown in popularity they have failed to match the number of paying guests with seats or a booking system. I want to support local businesses so have really thought long and hard about posting but they have let us down badly twice. The first time, we contacted them in advance and asked if we could reserve the whole front four rows so family and friends could come and see a film featuring one of our family members. The cinema knew this and they knew the actor in question was attending. Having pretty much filled the theatre for them you would expect they would stick to our agreement, that we had the front four rows. But no. In fact they had only booked these for us on one side of the cinema so friend and family expecting front row seats to see a film they had waited a long time for, had to sit at the back or even stand! They had given the front rows on the other side to other customers, nothing to do with our private booking. But we didn't complain and we continued to frequent the cinema. But then we booked seats for a film our daughter was desperate to see, on her birthday. We arrived 20 minutes early certain we would be able to get good seats. In the past they have only opened doors a few minutes before the start time. On this occasion however we arrived, having bought tickets weeks before, to find no three seats available together.Most of the seats were empty but marked RESERVED!!! These were reserved for restaurant customers who somehow get priority over other paying customers even though this is never explained or mentioned on their website. We were obviously disappointed. We approached a man working at the cinema and he said he would find us three seats together, but when another very loud, very rude woman approached him while he was looking for seats for us, he gave the seats he found to her!!! We were left without seats. On our daughter's birthday!!!!! We went to the box office to ask for a refund as they had clearly over sold the film and were offered bar stools at the back to perch on for the 2 hour duration of the film! Obviously we declined and took a refund. If the cinema wish to prioritise restaurant customers then they must put this clearly on all their information so customers don't buy tickets assuming they will get to sit with their friends and family or anywhere comfortable! The comfy seats seem to be strictly for restaurant customers now rather than the old first come first served policy. Better still, stop prioritising restaurant customers and have a proper booking system with numbered seats so customers know whether they are paying for an armchair and footstool in the front row or an incredibly uncomfortable bar stool with limited view! I would love to be giving a 5 star review for this cinema as my first few trips here were 5 star quality but sadly the ineptitude of staff, rudeness of staff, disorganisation, unfair and unclear policy regarding reserving seats and prioritising some customers over others means I can only give this cinema 1 star. They ruined my daughter's birthday and didn't even apologise about it. Next time we hire a cinema for a film a family member is in we will be hiring the fabulous Sussex Exchange where all customers are treated equally.
Written 29 October 2019
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Kent22 contributions
Disabled discrimination
Oct 2019 • Solo
This is from my cousin. PLEASE READ I was treated in a rude and discriminatory way in the Kino restaurant today Norman Rd queing at counter on my scooter a man appeared behind me did not introduce himself and asked if I was going to eat After a pause trying to sum up the situation I said that I was he ‘you can’t sit there as you are blocking the area ‘ I replied I was simply in a queue at the counter somewhat losing my appetite I ordered anyway made my way to a table out of the way no reserved sign Suddenly he was there again ‘I’m afraid you can’t sit there either he announced we are expecting a coach group ‘ he indicated a space in the gallery area I didn’t want o sit there upheave myself again etc etc he was abrupt in his manner and talked AT me As I began to express my displeasure he talked over me and said he sympathised I told him he did not and in any case didn’t want sympathy but empathy was ok .Didn’t listen continued to talk over me I tried to explain why his actions were discriminatory in that he was treating me less favourably than someone without a disability just didn’t want to hear I was quite annoyed by this stage told everyone I did not want to remain in this poorly accessible cafe and demanded my money back Disgracefully rude and discriminatory behaviour in front of other customers This is from my cousin.
Written 28 October 2019
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Tall bird!
Hastings, UK355 contributions
Saturday afternoon at the movies!
Oct 2019 • Friends
A group of us went to the cinema here the other week. What I love about this place is it’s very relaxing atmosphere. It’s a real old school cinema and it’s got decent legroom too! There’s a bar at the back where they serve drinks in “actual” glasses. This was very apparent when some cinema-goers forgot that they’d put their glass on the floor and subsequently kicked them, smashing them in the process! Three times that happened, so not very nice for the staff to have to clean up. They have lots of events here, so I’m going to have to treat myself to going to see “something different “!
Written 20 October 2019
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Hastings, UK9 contributions
Poor show
Sep 2019 • Family
Bought tickets online for a film, 3 children and 2 adults. The online listing for the film didn’t mention a rating, so assumed we could all watch the film and paid for the tickets online. However, when we arrived were told that in fact it had a 15 rating so the kids couldn’t watch it. I pointed out that we had paid for children’s tickets online, and why had we’d been sold them if in fact under 15’s couldn’t watch the film? Was not given a satisfactory reason, and to make matters worse, when my money was refunded, the lady manning the ticket office refused to refund the booking fee (£5) even though it was clearly their error.
Written 6 September 2019
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Hastings, UK2,944 contributions
Beautiful building
Jul 2019 • Couples
What a fab place this is. Growing up in Hastings, I had no idea this beautiful theatre existed in St Leonard's. It's a great space for all sorts of shows. We saw 2 comedians there. Acoustics were fab. Individual armchair seating at the front of the room was very comfy. 3 minor things which would have made this a 5* review 1) Far too hot in there. Portable air con or something similar is needed on hot days. Both of us nearly fell asleep during the show as the temperature was so high. 2) Prices for drinks on the high side. 3) As the seats aren't allocated, it felt a bit of a free for all when we went in. And we weren't allowed in when we arrived but people came in 10 minutes after us and sat down on seats they'd saved earlier. How does that work? Overall it's a lovely venue. I shan't be returning in the summer though!
Written 7 July 2019
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Hastings, UK642 contributions
A good place to eat before the entertainment.
Jun 2019 • Couples
The restaurant is popular for those attending the cinema so arrive early! Freshly cooked Lebanese food is their specialty and it is very good and value for money! The cinema has comfortable seats and it is worth reserving seats in the cinema if you intend to eat beforehand. There is a bar in the cinema if you only need a drink. We went to hear Claire Martin and her trio - excellent entertainment and a very enjoyable evening. This venue is a hidden gem!
Written 23 June 2019
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