Fountain Park Bowling Edinburgh

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Fountain Park Bowling Edinburgh

Fountain Park Bowling Edinburgh
11:00 AM - 1:00 AM
11:00 AM - 1:00 AM
11:00 AM - 1:00 AM
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Very good

Edinburgh, UK541 contributions
Jan 2020
Expensive bowling alley but a good deal on sunday nights. You can now order drinks at your lane which is excellent but does get really noisy if you're in a lane beside the basketball machine. The games ma Hines now have tickets you win to exchange for prizes. Extreme environmentally friendly and they should really look into that. Unfor an occasional visit
Written 1 February 2020
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Fraser Murray
6 contributions
Great bowling alley for parties etc.
Aug 2019 • Family
I highly recommend this bowling alley over others nearby for many reasons such as: there are great restaurants in this complex like five guys, frankie and bennys, Nando’s etc., there is lots of other fun activities in this complex if you’re looking for a full day out like a trampoline park, a lasertag arena, a crazygolf course, two video game arcades and a soft play area all in the same complex which are all great activities with great staff, clean facilities and are all overall amazing things to do that are lots of fun.
Written 9 August 2019
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Matthias R
Zurich, Switzerland19 contributions
A cheat
Jul 2019 • Family
We paid about 37 pounds for bowling one game as a family, which is enough. After that when our children were lucky enough to win at two slot machines, they were denied the whole of their winnings by the staff. Our children insisted, however, and now it was claimed that the key to the showcase with the prices was untraceable. This led to a heated discussion, which gave our children finally only half of the profits because now the staff claimed something is wrong with the machines. It seems to us that children will not be treated fairly at this place. At least our children have learned a lesson: one is always ripped off in such a place, rarely as clearly as here.
Written 27 July 2019
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Paulina S
Edinburgh, UK6 contributions
Jun 2018 • Friends
I have really good fun with my friends. I really like bowling, they have quite chip so you can have good fun for small money.
Written 7 May 2019
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Edinburgh, UK541 contributions
Good if you get a discount
Jan 2019 • Friends
Normally its £20 for 3 games but we booked the special deal for Sunday night for £12 which was good value. They've sped things up as they put in the names and you don't have to change your shoes. It was very busy. It's good for a bit of fun but I would recommend getting their platter. It was cheap burgers and chips but otherwise good venue
Written 2 February 2019
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Susan D
Hawick, UK46 contributions
Excellent family entertainment
Mar 2018 • Family
We had a great visit, met by friendly helpful staff. They booked us a lane right away (Lane 19 and 20) is great, right at the end out the way! You are able to keep your shoes on as long as not got heels. It was busy with a birthday party but added to the atmosphere. Snacks available , burgers, nacho's, platters etc. Good offers, check the website for bowling on a Sunday and also a Thursday night. Reasonable value and it kept 2 teenagers amused for an hour and a half! We had 2 games for 4 of us. Worth a visit. You can reach the bowling alley by No1 bus from Princess Street, only takes about 10 minutes. Stops right outside and return bus stop again right outside. Cinema just next door too and lots of food eating restaurants. Check it out.
Written 2 April 2018
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Hawick16 contributions
Work Night Out
May 2017 • Friends
We had a fab night, bowl and dine defo worth the money. There was two teams and it was a great night
Written 1 April 2018
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Berwyn, PA7 contributions
Not a place for an experienced bowler to expect to do well
Mar 2018 • Solo
Fountain Park Bowling center's success is founded upon the patronage of the those who are unaware of the subtleties of competitive play. Apparently, there are ample participants of this sort in the Edinburgh area to put the services of this facility in high demand for a relatively high-price. £19.95 for 3 games --- being an American this worked out to the princely sum of rough;y $11.50 per game ($3.50 per game more than I paid on Manhattan NYC (several years ago))... For this price I was afforded the selection of a collection of severely damaged standard issue AMF plastic bowling balls, none heavier than 14 lbs (they may have possessed equipment of an adult weight (e.g. 16 lbs) but given that every lane had at least 16 bowling balls on the return and very few remained on the ball racks it was extremely difficult to obtain a usable ball... The damaged balls where so badly chipped and pitted that the pattern on the ball surface would have made a decent snow tire tread.

While waiting 5 minutes for my lane to open up in the packed facility (at roughly 9 PM on a Thursday) I noted that most people were bowling in street shoes... This is a "despicable" practice from the perspective of a knowledgeable bowler due to the fact that it damages the approach of the lane (the part from the ball return to the foul line where a bowler lines up their shot, strides 3 to 5 steps while swinging their arm to at the end slide to the foul line while delivering the ball)... Where street shoes are an extremely bad idea is the very last part of the delivery ... e.g. the slide ... three points here: 1. very few street shoes offer a decent sliding surface thus poor form is most certainly assured. 2. many types of street shoes will leave residue or dirt or other substances on the approach which will cause the lane surface to be sticky and therefore dangerous for anyone to attempt to slide to the foul line in any type of shoes... 3. the dirt from street shoes damaged the approach and will prematurely wear it out... I commented on how bad an idea it was to allow street shoes on the approaches to the counter person when I, out of pure habit, requested bowling shoes for myself - all I got was a dismissive "I know" and a give-me-a-break eye roll. OK - I had the eye-roll coming of course they knew what they were doing (the uninitiated bowler cares little of the lanes and it's a hassle to get people excited about wearing communal shoes as if the black death might return due to infected footwear)...

Being committed to accept the challenge because if for no other reason I had invested £19.95 I sallied forth to my appointed lane (#13)... and proceeded to immediately throw three consecutive balls into the left gutter... the cause you might wonder... well firstly there was no way for me to slide so I had to basically stomp my left (slide) foot and then pull up through the ball to get it onto the lane with reasonable form... I've performed this trick many times before, so it wasn't really the issue... the issue was the lane... by the way my ball reacted upon hitting the lane I could tell that there was basically no oil (or lane conditioner) on the lane's surface.... were you aware that a properly maintained bowling center conditions (cleans and oils) each lane at least once a day.... by my estimate these lanes hadn't been "dressed" in at least 5 days. Because there was basically no oil on the lane the counterclockwise spin I put on a bowling ball directed it immediately to the left as the lovely tread of my vermilion plastic sphere dug into the lane... yikes! yikes! yikes! (there is a remedy for this condition, but it requires me to disconnect all of my years on bowling conditioning such that I almost completely needed to prevent my hand from coming around the ball at delivery... my first game was a mere 95... my final game was 185... I came a long way over the course of these three games, but a truly playable condition was nowhere to be found in that center on the night I visited...

Enough of my story... the center is entirely suitable for those who want an evening's entertainment and are not discerning regarding the condition of the competitive environment - kids, families, young adults, etc will have an enjoyable time... but if you do visit the establishment at least suggest that they replace the vast majority of their bowling balls (it's probably the easiest upgrade that they can make and it would definitely improve the playability of the center)
Written 22 March 2018
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Edinburgh, UK39 contributions
Feb 2018 • Friends
Went today 2 adults one child was reasonable price and great fun it was a busy place but ran smoothly staff were polite and helpful and would definately recommend for a family day out. There is also food and drink available inside and a games arcade area so take plenty change !
Written 24 February 2018
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Rantin rover
Biggar, UK8,164 contributions
Run-down looking
Nov 2017 • Friends
The low lighting is possibly designed to disguise that the place hasn’t been refurbished in many years but for me it only added to the general feeling that the place is a bit dog-eared.

We were there with a group of 18 so we had three lanes and got a discounted price of £12.90 per person instead of £13.70 for two games which lasted us about 2 hours.

I hadn’t been ten pin bowling for years so the first surprise was that provided you had flat shoes you could play without changing into the two-tone bowling variety ( I suppose it saves the place money providing the shoes and “refreshing” them).

Our scoreboard was also dimly lit and difficult to read however when the bowls got stuck and wouldn’t return during our match we were switched to another lane which was better from this point of view.

The music, which I found in the past was a feature of bowling, was either too quiet or was being drowned out by the racket coming from the games arcade which almost encroaches on the alley itself.

There is a bar area and you can buy drinks and bring them alongside the alley yourself which we did.

I’m afraid that my scores were below average… in keeping with the venue in general. Thankfully, to save money (or the environment as they maintain) you no longer get a print-out of the scores to see where it all went wrong.
Written 3 January 2018
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