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A Perfect Day Spa
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4 reviews
Very good

Fremont, CA11 contributions
Too Bad it is closed, no refund/recourse!!
Apr 2018
This place closed without any warning. We had a very large credit worth several massages, no recourse. The real reasons are unknown. We lost our money.
Written 20 March 2019
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palo alto, ca4 contributions
Great multi-pricing, good to great massages"
This spa seems to have made changes based on customer feedback. Contrary to other reports, they do not keep your ID if you decline. My advice: if it bothers you, don't give them your ID. I had the same masseuse each time because I asked. Find one you like and stick with him or her. You *can* specify male or female. Yes, it is set up to be a mass massage, little frills spa but then by purchasing multi-massage packages you can get a good quality massage for $38/hour...drastically less than more expensive places like La Belle.

They do not presently have private rooms but are in the process of putting these in place. What you have is a series of, in essense, cubicles with massage tables and lotions and changing space. I was not advised to "keep my undergarments on" as someone else reported. This is a massage so you can do what you are comfortable with.

Yes, they do try to sell you multi-pricing packages. At first I wasn't interested, but by getting my first massage free and signing up for additional ones I was able to reduce my massage price down to about a 2-for-1 price. For me, it is more important to have my muscles worked on than to sit in a fluffy towel being served tea while I wait for my masseuse at a high end spa. Just decide what you are willing to forego in exchange for reasonable pricing.
Written 14 December 2009
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California1 contribution
I specifically wanted to go for facials and maybe a massage. The first time I went I paid for my facial and was pleased. They would not take a check, only cash or a credit card. I purchased a package of three visits. Made an appointment for my daughter and I but they would not let her use one of my visits so she returned home and I had my facial. Do the math, the next time I made an appt I was told NO FACIALS and they didn't know when they would have them again. So I made the appt for a massage. When I got there they said they could not find any record on the computer, yet the gentleman I spoke with checked me on the computer the day before. It took me a half an hour before I went in for my massage. When I came out they said they found me but there weren't any more visits, so I asked for a Manager....NO MANAGER.... I asked for him or her to call me.....still waiting. I will be checking my Credit Card account and will take them the copies and go in personally. In the meantime no facials..... I do not like paying for these things ahead of time because this is the scenario. Ever join a fitness center and they go out of business? I don't know what kind of business this really is because I noticed some people sitting in booths that didn't seem to be going there for massages or facials..... When I first started I mentioned the spa to friends and family but will no longer do that.
Written 22 May 2009
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Linda Kahn21 contributions
Good 'beginning' massage place; caters to large asian population
If you are looking for an 'inexpensive' first time body massage in Santa Clara, this may place is for you.
If you are looking for a REAL muscle rub because you have pain; don't even bother coming.
Please note that this place caters to a large Asian clientele, but there are many others there trying out the facilities.

You first come inside to a Vegas/bank type row of teller windows to state your name and appt. time. They will take a form of ID from you to KEEP until your massage is done.

This was my first time, and the first time 60 minute massage was $48.00. They tell you you don't have to pay at this time (so they can try and sell you expensive packages before you leave).

It is in a large 'industrial' Silicon Valley building they've turned into a nice spa, complete with foot massage chairs, asian music and dim lighting.

You are asked to sit in a numbered chair until your 'massuse' comes out to find you with a matching receipt number. You do not get a choice of man or women unless you ask or specify.

I'm 99% sure these are NOT 'licensed' massage therapists. There are no licenses hanging on a wall; which is state law. They are 'trained', but only in very general strokes, patterns, etc.

The gals (and men), are dressed in little white uniforms. The men in polo shirts and pants.
ALL ARE ASIAN if you are going to have an issue with this!

Long story short; you are told to disrobe and keep undergarments on. They use massage oil/shea butter.
They will not massage muscle areas; because they are not trained.
You get a GENERAL rub down; great if this is your first time doing this. Not so great if you have muscle pain (as I did), and need specific areas worked on.

Women wear face masks in case you open your eyes.

After the massage, you are wiped down with hot towels.

You pay after your massage; and I wasn't interested in buying 'packages' for $200 and up. Don't forget to ask for your ID back. I saw ton's of lost items, including ID's in their lost and found area.

Great for first time 'shy people'. But for folks who are into sports and were hoping for a real body busting muscle sports type massage; don't even bother.
Facilities were very clean.

I won't be going again, because I'm a cyclists and need certain areas dealt with...with someone who knows anatomy, muscles and such (trained and certified).
Written 29 December 2008
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.
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