Driftwood Provincial Park

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Driftwood Provincial Park
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Patsy B
Elliot Lake, Canada213 contributions
The beautiful Ottawa valley
Aug 2020 • Family
We stayed for four days in one of thr pull through sites. We were at site 73. This and the sites on either side are not level in the least. The people beside us moved. Most of the pull through sites are level. The sites are fairly big and private. We walked through to the other electrical sites and they looked good. The non electric sites are on the river. The beach was close by and sandy and shallow. We went on the beaver dam trail. There are five or six trails in the park. We saw an albino squirrel. Yates general store in Stonecliffe has everything you need including gas and firewood. I have to mention that the wood bags are not recyclsble ad are not picked up from the permit post. Use the garbage. I recommend this park and plan to stay there next year.
Written 29 August 2020
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Edward W
Thunder Bay, Canada1,639 contributions
May 2019 • Family
Easily one of the most stunning campgrounds that we have stayed at in Canada. This gets overlooked because it is a small park beside Algonquin, but the view over the Ottawa River at sundown was very memorable. There are not as many amenities in the park itself, but the park store was staffed with friendly people and made our stay easier.
Written 18 July 2019
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Dana W
North Bay, Canada89 contributions
Nice little stop over park
Jun 2018 • Friends
I have been here a number of times now for our annual "Girls Only Camping Trip".
It is a great little park if you are travelling and want a place to stop for the night. The entrance is right along the highway, but the sites are not so close that you can see or hear the highway.
The majority of the sites are right on the Ottawa River with paths from your site leading right up to the waters edge. There are a couple of actual beaches but only one feels like you aren't walking through someone else's campsite to get to it and that is the one down by the boat launch.
There are no park events or educational programs and there is no visitor center. The prices of the T-shirts in the office are pretty steep. The wood was wet and we had to drive 20 minutes down the roa, just outside of the town of Deep River, to buy some dry wood from a local man who was selling some (you pay a dollar or two more but get almost twice the amount of dry wood, instead of wet wood).
The hiking trails are not well maintained and are not signed very well. There is one hiking trail, called the Look Out Trail, that says it has a look out on it but all the trees have grown so high over the years that the look out is nothing more than a bench facing a bunch of trees. The best hiking trail is the Oak Highland Trail which actually does have an area that could be considered a look out. Oak Highland Trail has some interesting beaver ponds and stuff to see on it. And there is a geocache up there if you are into that.
The privacy is not that great unless you get sites 47 or 45 (maybe 20 and 21 although I have not camped at that end of the park. But the view of the sunset over the river every evening makes up for the lack of privacy.
You are only allowed one vehicle per site so if you have an extra vehicle you not only have to pay an additional $11 for it but you also have to park it in a parking spot down the road from your site (unless of course you have the site directly across from one of the parking areas).
The park and the bathrooms and comfort station are all nice and clean but there is not a whole lot to do there. There is no children's playground but you can rent canoes.
The park is good for bird watching. I have seen Pileated woodpeckers, owls, Merlins and other birds there.
The park might not be the most exciting and it does have it's down falls, however, it is still a cute little park and it is fairly quiet and relaxing. If you are passing through and need a place to stop this park is just the thing.
Written 19 August 2018
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Welland, Canada20 contributions
Nice park, no privacy.
Aug 2018 • Family
Driftwood is a smaller park with great sites right on the Ottawa River. Unfortunately the non electric sites are very open so little privacy. The sites are wide enough, but for an average to larger RV this level spots seem to put you right beside the next campers. Not a lot of trees either. Only one bath house which was a bit of a walk away and the vault toilet while not too bad was unlit, so dark even in daytime. Park rangers, or cleaners, just seem to be driving around. Site was clean and open and beach, right in front of the sites, was nice.
Written 15 August 2018
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Pembroke, Canada24 contributions
Relaxing and clean camp site
Aug 2018 • Family
Very enjoyable, stayed at tent site Friday and Saturday. Large site very clean facility and beach was excellent!
Written 6 August 2018
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6 contributions
Less than stellar time
Jul 2018 • Friends
The park itself is nice. That’s why it’s gett an “average” review. Hiking trails are nice, but not well maintained. The staff couldn’t care less to help you out if needed. Unfortunately the park doesn’t care much when it comes to customer service. The facilities are very gross/ dirty. We stayed in the brumm section of the park which has electrical sites. If you camp here make sure to bring an extension cord. We stayed mid July during a fire ban, which was unfortunate. We were told we couldn’t have a fire to cook which is understandable so we had to go buy a camping stove in Deep River. This was my first time camping without being able to have a fire. In the past, some campgrounds I’ve been to will still allow you to have a small fire to cook during a fire ban but this provincial park is very strict. I understand that it’s a serious matter and it was pretty hot/ humid so we didn’t make a fuss out of it. We tried to make the best of it. The park warden is pretty much super cop and take his role seriously. He does not like any fun what so ever. Not only would he drive by our site every hour to stop and glare at us. 10:00 pm on the dot he approached our site and pretty much said we were doing everything the park doesn’t condone. We were told that we received a noise complaint from our neighbor, and that the music playing off our phone was too loud and we were talking too loud and that the park takes this seriously and warned us we would be kicked out if we continued. He kept going on and on about the number of tents/ cars we had. Which was three because the three of us live in separate areas of Ontario and haven’t seen each other for some time. Not that he asked.. one point while he was warning us about literally everything, we said “wow, anything else?” And that’s when he left.

The next morning I went up to my neighbors and apologized for the noise from our site. They told me that they didn’t even hear us and that they never made a complaint about us. They told us they were also grilled by the warden the previous night. So I reckon super cop just makes things up? Tries to ruin people’s experience in the park for no reason? I don’t know.. beware of the fun police. The guy must be very bored.

I won’t be returning to Driftwood Provincial Park. Which is a shame because the lake is nice and quiet.
Written 31 July 2018
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Greg H
Chelmsford, Canada51 contributions
Nice small park
Jul 2018 • Couples
Recently spent 4 days @Driftwood and was surprised at how quaint it is. Balance of sites are non electric most of which are on the water. Several have a fantastic view with most having their own beach. Pull thru lots are quite deep but could have been cleared wider. Some of the non pull thru sites were quite nice. Beach is is nice. Faces west so great sunsets. Only one shower station which is not central to both hydro and non hydro sites. Too far. To walk if camping at a hydro site.
Would stay again.
Written 25 July 2018
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Ottawa, Canada1 contribution
Camping is one of my favourite summer time activities, unfortunately it doesn't seem like the staff here feel the same
Jul 2018 • Friends
Myself and 2 friends arrived Wednesday afternoon and the young guy who greeted us was nice enough, but not very helpful. There was a fire ban in effect and admittedly we were unprepared. We politely asked if he had any advice on how to work around this, like if there was a designated area where we could cook? (perhaps the beach?) to which he replied no, you need to use a propane stove. We asked if they had one for rent? To which he also replied no, and mentioned twice that there was a restaurant in town, which was 25 minutes away. We were staying 2 nights and had already purchased a bunch of food for our trip... I realize it was not his fault there was a fire ban, but according to the signs it started July 9th, so I would have expected some sort of alternative or assistance for people with reservations after 9 days. He did not mention that there was a Canadian Tire and a few other stores in the town where we could potentially purchase a stove, or the fact they close at 7pm on weekdays. The 3 of us who were there checked in, and we told him we had another guest coming later that night and gave his name.
We decided to head to our campsite, to which we were not given any directions or a map (we ended up going back to get one the next day). We set up our tents and then discovered that the stores in town closed at 7 so we quickly got in the car and headed to Canadian tire. Despite more bad luck (Canadian tire closed early because they couldn't process any payments?) We found a propane stove at the Trading post...$90 later...Around 9-10pm we were sitting around our picnic table talking after a late dinner when a park ranger showed up at our campsite and asked if we were having a good night, to which we cheerfully replied yes! He then proceeded to quite abrasively tell us about all of the things we were doing wrong, starting with us being too loud (to be fair, we had a small speaker playing music, which I promptly turned off), and stated they have a "no excessive noise at any time policy", we were not allowed to have our citronella candle burning because it was an open flame (which was on the table in front of all of us in a large metal bucket - but we blew that out), and quoted all the fire ban rules, asked "who drives the mazda?" to which I replied I did...he then told me I apparently rolled through a stop sign earlier that day and quoted several traffic laws that apply to their park, and lastly, as our 4th group member pulled up just as he arrived, asked "how many of you are there?" and we said 3, he then rudely asked "you all drove up separately?" and I realized our 4th member had arrived just then and told him so, he then said that we needed to register all of our vehicles and listed all of the rules we needed to abide by in that respect and walked away before I could explain that we told the front desk staff we were expecting this last person. FYI - a polite "hey guys, glad to hear youre having a good night, but its 10pm now so could you turn off your speaker, also unfortunately with the fire ban, we cant allow even a small citronella candle...etc...As we are all 25+ adults, we did not appreciate being scolded like a group of rowdy teenagers.
The next day we wanted to rent a canoe, so we headed back to the front desk to do so, there were several people waiting to be served and only one young girl working at the cash. After I paid the rental fee I asked where to get the canoe from, she did not answer me but asked me to go out and pick 2 life jackets (which were free to borrow) and tell her the numbers, I went out to do so and when I came back in she was serving the next customer, which was totally fine - it was busy. I told her the numbers and then she completely ignored me when I asked again where to go to get the canoe. Finally the customer she was serving noticed I was still standing there waiting so he stepped aside and she finally answered me when I asked a third time where to go. Im not upset that the girl was visibly overwhelmed, but the fact that there was another staff member standing in the doorway, literally watching her work while there were several other people waiting to be served/ask questions ticked me off (having worked in customer service a lot myself). At least 2 other staff members came out, saw that the room was packed with people and walked back where they came from. One of them even came out and told her "once this dies down you can go on your break" and then walked outside before the first staff member came back out to watch her work some more. The rest of our trip was fun, we had great weather and the canoeing/water was great - we checked out one of the little islands. It's a beautiful campground, but after this experience, I don't think I would return.
Written 21 July 2018
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Uxbridge, ON56 contributions
Great site... weird warden
Jul 2018 • Friends
We had a great waterfront site. The area along the water by the sites is actually considered the beach. This means people are welcome to walk through the area you may have thought is your site. Not a big deal but worth knowing
There was a fire ban while we were staying. The rules are very clear that only propane powered devices are allowed. We had a nice propane powered firepit like what would be used on a home deck. We set it up carefully and were very respectful of the need to keep it turned low (despite there being no danger of it igniting anything). The young warden came by and seem satisfied it met the criteria. He returned later and seemed concerned. He began to quote his 'supervisor' (who was nowhere to be found) about the fire being decorative in nature. We politely explained that it met the definition posted online and at their office. He returned a 3rd time. Started to threaten us and said he would turn it off and fine us. He even tried the stare-down technique which may have worked in I-wanna-be-a-warden school but didnt work so well in the real world. Tthe flames were still under 2 inches and we told him we were going to bbq and pointed to weiners sitting on the table beside us. Still wanting to exercise his power he said that wasnt good enough. We set ONE WEINER on the grill and he knew he lost. We never saw him again.
So many of these guys have nothing to do and want to practise their class room theory. I cant really blame them I suppose. Other than bothering people about unleashed dogs in a field, what else does he have to enforce?
Despite Skippy's actions we liked the park. Clean, quiet and lots to do
Written 18 July 2018
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Lynn B
Sturgeon Falls, Canada36 contributions
Hidden Gem
Jun 2018 • Couples
Great site on the river, many trails to explore and a lot of wildlife in area. Close to Deep River if you need anything. Geocached in the area, a lot of cool findings. At this time of year there was a lot of pollen in the water, it almost look like mud (sludge) on the beach not the greatest for the kids to swim but it all depends on the wind. We had one bad day only and we where leaving so it did not affect us. The sun set and view was amazing, very quiet when we went but it was during the week and school is not out yet. lol
Written 21 June 2018
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