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Alton Towers Theme Park
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Escape to the fantabulous world of the Alton Towers Resort - there's so much going on, the fun never stops! England's largest theme park offers 500 acres of attractions and rides the whole family can enjoy including X-Sector, Forbidden Valley, Dark Forest, Gloomy Wood, Katanga Canyon and CBeebies Land!
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Very good

shropshire138 contributions
Great rides but ............
Jun 2021
As someone who has travelled throughout Europe to ride rollercoasters and having been to Alton Towers several times I know that Alton Towers have some great roller coasters. The thing is that you wouldn't know this at the moment as you can't get on a ride easily!

A midweek day, reduced admissions, meticulous military planning as usual and by 11 o'clock I'd been on precisely one ride. I didn't understand why the queues were so long and slow moving. Then I spotted the reason..... the fastpass. If you buy a fastpass you get straight on and I think Alton Towers were trying to get some covid-19 lockdown money back by selling more than normal (this is only a guess) so many people were holding up the main queues. So I thought I would get one to at least save 60-80 minute queues on a few rides. The first ride I went to they said ' can't use it on this one as you are a single rider'............... To their credit they rang Rita who promised to honour it there but why couldn't I have been told when I bought the fast track pass. Of course when I got to Rita it had broken down.

That was a problem as well as Oblivion and the Spinning Cars were down for hours.

I thought it was as crowded as most other days I have visited but the fast track system is ruining the day. Of course when I gave up at about 3.45 and decided to have a cold beer on a sweltering day nobody could tell me where to get one. I eventually discovered the Welcome Inn which had very little drinking tables and one very very overworked barmaid. In Europe you simply pop to almost any kiosk and pick up a cold beer. Still a twenty minute wait for a beer was much less than the ride waits.

Sorry Alton Towers but you need a rethink. The rides are brilliant but when you spend a day there under military precision and don't get on Air or thirteen that's not good. Pop over to Europa Park in Rust and see how they are doing it.
Written 16 June 2021
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Joe P
Eastleigh, UK121 contributions
Amazing day.
We went to alton towers to start out honeymoon. We had a 2 day entrance ticket. First day we got there and headed to all the main rides with queue times around 30 mins for rides until later in the day they were pushing up to 60 mins per ride. Although this its part of theme parks and we got on everything we wanted to get on with a couple more to do for the second day.

We opted to go look into getting fast track and while there I asked about an email I sent 2 weeks earlier with no reply about it being our honeymoon. The park put us into contact with Gabby who was really sorry our email wasn't answered and took us to all the rides we hadn't done and got us on as a sorry gesture. She was a brilliant girl who was really helpful and chatty. Made our day extra special and even on the second day left us a few gifts to pick up from guest services.

Thank you alton towers and a massive thank you to Gabby who really was amazing.
Written 16 June 2021
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Rachel R
4 contributions
Enjoyable and fun break
Jun 2021 • Family
We visited with a 4 year old and 7 year old and stayed in the CBeebies land hotel. It was fantastic from start to finish; staff in hotel were very friendly with a particular mention for the evening entertainment who did so well to keep the children engaged.

Very clean and well thought out hotel - only gripe is that the trundle bed has corners which my little bumped his head on; these could do with being rounded.

The park was clean and well maintained and staff on rides were so friendly; in particular Leon on ‘Get set go tree top adventure’ and the man inside Gangsta Granny who was taking the photos.

Staff on kiosks were a bit grumpy but overall I thought staff made an effort with customers.

Food options in the park are a bit limited and you could do with more options that are not burger, wrap or other unhealthy options but what we had was ok. Rollercoaster restaurant was good fun too.

Overall our visit was very positive and we managed to get on most rides during our stay.
Written 16 June 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Nicholas M
Cullompton, UK11 contributions
Huge queues and mechanical issues
Been here many times but today unfortunately will be our last visit for a while. Queues are worse than they were pre covid but the amount of mechanical issues was unbearable. Queued 2 hours for Rita. Only 5 rides over the course of the day as Rita, Oblivion and Galactica were all broke at one point. No apologies or fast tracks offered to us. Felt like a waste. I wish I knew a time where I could go when it's quieter or the other option that fast track tickets were a bit cheaper. Staff work hard but I feel there is more room for improvement.
Written 16 June 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

43 contributions
Great day out
Jun 2021 • Couples
Great trip 3rd time going to Alton towers this year we came about 9:30 car park was filling up fast we parked in H car park about a 20min walk to the park or a free monorail really needs markers in the car parks to say where the monorail is. Temperature check tents at the entrance of the park and a fast speedy ticket entrance gates the whole process took under 5 minutes wait to get in the park, all staff look happy and applying to COVID rules, park busy but got on the rides we wanted, they had Mardi Gras on when we went different events happening around the park but no times etc when this is happening and staff did not really no what times it was happening street food outlets all looked great we went to the Greek stand got over charged by £9 did not release until I got home so that’s not good if young girl on the till double check your order as she did not talk to the customer just flashed the card machine and got moved on very fast to the order point apart from that great Entertainment we managed to see the last show by chance, toilets all clean grounds and ride area all clean and hand Sanitiser all over the park and all full, great atmosphere on the park hope they do the Mardi Gras next year but add times so people no what’s going on and can go and watch at set time
Written 16 June 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

8 contributions
Platinum Fast Track it for a great day out with no stress, hassle or queues!
Jun 2021

1. Social distancing does not exist at Alton Towers

If you are at all concerned about social distancing, DO NOT go to Alton Towers. You will have kittens. Over two days, a Sunday and Monday, I observed the absolute bare minimum of social distancing. You will have people on your shoulders, you will have people walk alongside you or directly past you. You will have people push past you or bump in to you.

2. Mask wearing barely exists at Alton Towers

Mask wearing is not enforced in the park itself. On certain rides staff may challenge you at point of entry to wear a mask, but often they won't. This means you may experience the joy of someone's gob of saliva landing on your face as I did on the Smiler during the vertical rise. That was wonderful.

Interestingly, I noted more compliance on the Monday than on the Sunday.

3. Surfaces do not get cleaned during the day. This seems to range from rides to picnic tables. Not once over two solid days from opening until closing, did I see staff clean any single part of the park, rides, tables, games, etc. So this means you will absolutely be in contact with someone's sweat and fluids.

In the prize games, they tell you there are gloves and sanitiser available which no-one uses. Rather than just quickly spraying the balls, fishing rods, etc. On the rides it was very common to sit down in a warm, sweaty seat (24 Celsius both days) and feel the other person's sweaty palm grease on your hand.

To summarise:


In terms of the actual park experience, it has not changed much since 2001 when I first went, bar a couple of new rides. It's fit for purpose, the rides are all in reasonable order apart from Oblivion which breaks down very regularly. The prices are high as you'd expect (£2.50 for a bottle of water on a scorching hot day) but let's be honest - you're not going to AT to save money. Expect to spend and you won't be disappointed.

=Top Rides=

1 - Smiler
2 - Nemesis
3 - Rita
4 - Mixtape
5 - Thirteen

Those are the ones that left us with the biggest smiles afterwards.

The big new ride, Wickerman, I found as did others in the group, to be actually quite painful. You really get bashed around in it and we didn't enjoy it at all, which is a shame as the Log Flume had to die to make space for it. It's over-rated.

=Queue Times=

First of all, you need the Alton Towers app. It has the map and it shows queue times. If the times vanish or it says you don't have internet, just close and re-open the app or turn your mobile data on and off.

Queue times will routinely get to sixty minutes plus for the main attractions. I believe at one point Smiler was two hours.

Now, you need to ask yourself a really serious question here, and I mean it, think long and hard about this:

What is more important to you? Time or money?

We arrived on the Sunday, having booked the AT hotel for the Sunday night. As such, we got in via the hotel gate which opens at 9am. You =still= have an hour wait before any rides open, but it means you can get to the front of the one you really want to do.

With a busy Sunday and no Fast-Track, the plan being to take it easy, we got on:

Funk N Fly

which are all in Forbidden Valley. Following the circular route we then got on:

Haunted Duel
Congo River Rapids
Runaway Mine Train

which are all in Katanga Canyon. We didn't do Wickerman as queue was over an hour.

We then did:

Spinball Whizzer

which are all in X-Sector. Oblivion and Smiler queues were one hour plus again so we avoided them.

We then did:

Waltzers (can't remember the ride name!) in Dark Forest, but again the other rides (Thirteen and Rita) were over an hour plus.

With that, we were delighted and we had a really nice, easy day. More importantly, we kept moving and didn't wait longer than 30 minutes for a ride.

That was because we had a master plan, and I come back to my question to you.

On the Monday (more about the resort stay later) I had purchased Platinum Fast-Track passes. This lets you go on all the big rides as many times as you like, with no limit.

This is a complete game changer.

We went from having to worry about queue lengths and monitoring the AT app, to just going where we pleased, when we pleased. With absolutely no exaggeration, we went on the Smiler 24 times in about two hours. A big hello to the staff there if they read this, because they'll no doubt remember us.

Let's put that in to context.

24 times on the Smiler, during which time, the people at the back of the queue when we first went on, would still be waiting, because at points the Smiler was a two hour wait.

24 times on one ride in two hours. We would finish the ride, walk back out, go straight back in, get let straight up the stairs and hop on.

Add on to that the:

4 Ritas
3 Thirteens
3 Oblivions
2 Enterprises
3 Wickermans (Just to make sure it was really as bad as I thought it was!)
3 Nemesis
2 Runaway Mine Train
1 Hex
2 Battle Galleons

and add in the time to have a really relaxed lunch, play some games (and a few prize wins which was nice!) and take it easy, and the £105 price per person was absolutely worth it's weight in gold.

I saw some really, really angry, stressed and tired people queuing for long, long times for a ride that lasted thirty seconds. Add in the heat factor, and it really is just a great way to ruin your day if you don't buy one.

To summarise: If you're going to AT as a special treat, maybe the first or only time you'll ever go, buy a Platinum pass or regret it. It just made the entire experience amazing.

Top tip: People can buy individual ride FT passes. They will use them in the morning first thing, or after lunch when they've got too annoyed with the queues and bought some. The longest wait we had to get on a ride was Thirteen (the third go) when two parties of eight got in front of us, and we had to wait ten minutes. Not once on any other major ride did we wait more than five minutes. Not once.

=Alton Towers Hotel=

This place has not changed since 2001. It's tired, it's worn and it's not what you'd expect from the main hotel. It's also operating at full capacity, so again, Covid fears are relevant here.

I checked in at 1700hrs on the Sunday, having been in the park all day. I immediately complained to reception about hairs in the bath tub (big, long black hairs) and a three-quarter used toilet roll from a previous guest. That tells you all you need to know about room cleaning and hygiene in the hotel.

It took me several goes to get this resolved, and really, I should have kicked off a lot more about it as a few other things went wrong which caused me to get annoyed.

The staff will absolutely apologise if something's wrong, but offer nothing for your trouble. No discount on a meal, no reduction in stay cost, no free ride FT pass, etc. Their default position is to apologise and no more.

I suspect if you have a complaint, you will need to actually say:

"What will Alton Towers offer me to compensate for this?"

to trigger the next phase of complaint resolution.

Be prepared for a noisy night until about 2300hrs when all the entertainment stops. You will have music booming in your room from outside. Deal with it or stay somewhere else. It's an entertainment resort. The beds are great. Nice and firm and we slept like logs.

The food is a bit of a nightmare. Be aware if you book a room, you need to book your breakfast separately. You don't get a slot included. As such, the earliest I could get was 0930hrs, which is useless if you want to get in to the park early. Thankfully, as people are hopeless, you can try your luck by rocking up early and ask if they've had any no-shows. That's how I got us in at 0745hrs, which meant we could enjoy breakfast and take it easy.

We had room service for dinner because we couldn't get a table (all fully booked) and it was alright. Filling but nothing spectacular.

To summarise: It does the job, but don't expect wonderful things. The tell is that they have a mixed selection of brands for shower gel, soap, shampoo, etc. A quality establishment has one complete range of products under the same brand. This reeks of Merlin trying to find the cheapest suppliers and consistency be damned.


The hotel staff are so-so, the default complaint position irritated me and I felt they could have gone a step further, but did not seem at all prepared to.

The park staff are by and large absolute gems. They do a horrible job (because people are horrible to them) in horrible conditions (noisy, dangerous, stressful because people make it stressful) and I don't imagine they get that well looked after. I come to this conclusion because another park I frequent regularly shifts the staff around the rides. This avoids fatigue and complacency, but from what I saw the same staff would be on the same rides from park open to park close. This goes as far as the same guy was on the entry point at the bottom of the stairs for Smiler the entire day, in a darkly lit, smelly, noisy concrete bunker. He was a lovely guy and it just seemed like a really bad way to spend an entire shift.

I feel this is quite poor practice. It may be because they can't spare the time to train each person on more than one ride, or it may be because they think it's better to have everyone stick to the same ride all day if they're experienced, but from seeing another park with their different process, I think it's better to swap staff between rides.

Every single park staff we had cause to speak to was lovely, friendly and engaging. The ride staff who became very familiar with my daughter and I (Smiler!) were all utterly delightful and friendly people and you felt safe in their hands. I loved that with my young daughter who only just hit the height bar, they'd give her seat brace an extra couple of pushes or pulls to make sure she was secure.

The crown however goes to the Runaway Minetrain controller with his catchphrase 'Chooo choooooooo'. What a top bloke.

Everyone though was amazing and I take my hat off to them for putting up with the absolute cretins who were roaming around the park littering, smoking, swearing, shouting, complaining about queue times, not wearing masks, arguing when asked to wear a mask, taking their phones out on rides and ignoring the controller telling them on tannoy to put them away and all the various other crap they put up with.

Well done to all of you, and Merlin, shame on you for not giving them FT as part of their employee perks, you tightwads.
Written 15 June 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

2 contributions
Overpriced Photos Ruined the Day
Jun 2021 • Family
The decision to stop the photo wristband is very poor. Current picture price is £20 for 4, which is extortionate. I didn’t see anybody requesting pictures the whole day. The wristband were by far the best value as they were for unlimited digital images and were very popular. Not having any keepsakes put a dampener on an otherwise enjoyable day.
Written 15 June 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Rotherham, UK4 contributions
It’s still got it you just need to pay for it
I’ve just got back from Alton towers today and after reading the reviews I wasn’t expecting much from the park yes it has lost some of the magic it had but I’m guessing that’s because we was young the last time I went. The magic soon comes back as soon as you go on the newer rollercoasters on the park ….. wow. I see a lot of people moaning about the ticket prices and fast track prices for a family …. Well there’s only one thing to do about that and it’s dump ya kids on your mother in laws for the day like we did then it’s not that expensive. I paid £105 each for the platinum fast track and It’s worth every penny to see everybody sweltering in a hours long que in this heat. We got on every ride in the park twice Rita 3 times. The longest we queued believe or not was for the galactica and the shortest que was the smiller. We could have gone on the smiller 20 times in the first hour if we wanted to.

Ignore the terrible reviews on here this place has still got it you just need to pay for it !
Written 15 June 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Liverpool, UK3 contributions
CBEEBIES- Very few queues
Jun 2021 • Family
A really lovely day. We took our 2 little ones (aged 2 and 4) and used the parent and toddler passes (£50) total. We spent most of our day in Cbeebies land where the queues were minimal (0-10 mins for most rides). We decided to bring them mid week and during term time in the hope that this might be the case. The ‘In the night garden’ boat ride had a 45 minute queue when we reached it so we ate lunch and revisited it later in the afternoon instead when there was no wait at all. We arrived at 9:30 in time for the epic walk from the car park. Next time I’d pay for the better parking. Cbeebies land was very quiet when we first got there and we just walked onto rides. The whole of cbeebies land was very quiet again by 2ish with no queues. Food options were a bit rubbish in this part of the park. There seems to be better options outside of cbeebies. The only annoying aspect of the day was the one way system in place around the park which made walking to the ‘runaway mine train’ and ‘blade’ a bit more epic than needed. Battle Galleons were very fun for my 4 year old and we were pleased with how many rides he could go on and also how many my 2 year old was able to go on with an adult. A lovely day, friendly staff, quick admissions and a super teletubbies show. 😆 would definitely say to download the app. The wait times on there were a perfect match to in reality. Very handy.
Written 15 June 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Abbie T
1 contribution
Great fun
Jun 2021 • Friends
We had such a great time the weather was amazing however the park closed at 5 should have been later , we bought a fast track pass on which was worth it as we never would have got on everything , a few rides weren’t working also and we would have liked more water rides as it was such a hot day.
Written 15 June 2021
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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