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Parque Aquopolis Cartaya
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United Kingdom312 contributions
Good for what it is
Jul 2020 • Family
We had a lovely day out here but I had made an effort to manage everyone’s expectations in advance......

We travelled from El Rompido, we had a hire car so was easy for us. Car park visible from the road is free. As we walked to the entrance we could see more parking beyond a barrier, but I assume you have to pay for this.

We had purchased the tickets online, the day before, which was much cheaper. We had used a discount coupon which we were given when shopping in the Spar in El Rompido. The tickets were emailed (ended up in junk mail) and the email stated the tickets needed to be printed - we didn’t have access to a printer and we were somewhat confused by the insistence on hard copies given everything else around here is reliant on QR codes and online ordering, presumably due to covid.

We decided to head up there anyway. All seemed promising as the man on the gate did not object when I presented my phone so the tickets could be scanned off the screen. However, the scanner didn’t accept the tickets so we had to go off to the information office to try and sort the problem. I was expecting to then be told we needed a hard copy, but no, I had managed to buy tickets online for the Aquopolis in SEVILLE rather than Cartaya! Fortunately for me after a quick phone call they agreed to honour our purchase anyway, apparently it happens quite a lot. But be warned that the discount coupons from the Spar in El Rompido take you to the booking site for a different water park!!!!

We paid €75.38 for the online advance tickets for five over 1.40m, we had also pre-purchased our seating and parasol for €10 but unfortunately Cartaya was not able to honour this as they don’t sell their equivalent online. We decided to purchase this anyway, €8 for two loungers, a small table and a parasol. This purchase gave us a discount on the locker hire for €2, I think lockers are normally €5 to hire.

This park is small with fairly minimal attractions and none are big thrills. There are two areas for young children which look quite good but we didn’t investigate, a mini golf (although I didn’t see anyone using it so not sure it was open) and quite a large pleasant area with the paid seating. The slides are fun but fairly tame for older children or those who have been to other water parks. (We visited Aqualand in Cadiz about five years ago and Bahia Park in Algeciras two years ago where the slides are a lot better.) Only the Black Hole requires a float so it’s really not worth the additional cost of renting one, just queue at the bottom to use one of the park ones.

The waves didn’t come on very often in the beach pool and again they were pretty tame. We didn’t experience any of the issues that other reviewers had with officious staff though, children weren’t allowed their goggles but they wore their rash vests throughout our visit with no comment.

The park was very quiet and relaxed, very little queuing so you can make the most of the slides on offer. I don’t know if it’s normally busier and Covid has kept the tourists away? It felt like they were taking sensible precautions, disinfecting the park floats after every use, sanitiser everywhere, markings on the floor, masks needed when in the shop, purchasing food etc

We took our own sandwiches and drinks but also purchased chips, waffle and ice cream, mini donuts (more like churros) in chocolate sauce. All fairly decent.

We had a relaxing time in the sunshine and our children (15, 13, 11) had fun on the slides but I had warned them repeatedly to expect a small park and with very limited “thrills”. My three stars reflect these limitations rather than how well the park itself is executed. - Staff were all very friendly and helpful (particularly the lady in the information office over the ticket fiasco), we speak Spanish but some staff could speak a little English.

My only criticism is that towards the end of the day I was queuing for a slide with my son and there was a large group of teenage boys waiting behind us. They were very chatty with the lifeguard and seemed to know her. They were not observing social distancing and following the very clear floor markings. I felt they were getting uncomfortably close to us (one decided to shake his head vigorously, like a crazy dog, and the water from his hair ended up all over us) and the lifeguard took a while before reminding them to keep their distance from us. I spend a proportion of both my working and home life reprimanding teenage boys - I do like to be relieved of this task when I’m on holiday and I think she should have been more assertive with them as soon as they arrived in the queue!
Written 30 July 2020
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Maria L
Scarborough, UK96 contributions
In an area with few other attractions... it’s OK
Aug 2018 • Family
Our second visit to Aquopolis Cartaya 2 years after the first... We had a good day out- agree with other reviewers about the whistle blowing staff- gets a little annoying and it was a reminder to remove every piece of jewellery including our wedding rings! I had accidentally booked for the wrong date however they allowed me to pay the difference- so for 5 of us it was €95... not that cheap really- considering it was Monday- an off-peak day! They also didn’t mind that I couldn’t print my tickets- FYI- it’s significantly cheaper online. Queues to get in weren’t too bad. Sun loungers available for hire- if you can find any!!!

PROS- not too big; you can bring your own food; rides ok; queues for rides not excessive; lockers €4.90 (+€3 deposit) Ana in Information really friendly and helpful; ultimately we had an enjoyable day

CONS- rides are small in number- 11 in total although 3 of those are for children younger than mine... NO LAZY RIVER! Something I had forgotten about in the 2 years since our last trip. They offer a double float for hire for €10- we didn’t go for it- it means you don’t have to queue for a float but the €10 float is ONLY FOR ONE RIDE!!! (the Black Hole) The wave pool- Mmmmmm. 5 mins of waves every hour or so isn’t great considering other water parks we’ve visited (like blizzard beach/typhoon lagoon/Aqualand/aquashow are a little more generous.
Written 21 August 2018
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48 contributions
Fun day!
Aug 2018 • Family
Visited last week with 3 teenage boys. They were entertained from opening time(12pm) to closing (7pm)
Food was ok bit expensive. Staff didn't speak much English but we got by.
The lifeguards seem to get everyone moving out of the water quickly to reduce queues. Maximum wait was about 10 mins.

Will be going again
Written 12 August 2018
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Yate, UK122 contributions
Dangerous and stupid rules
Aug 2016
We visited here last summer. Unfortunately my review was removed. However, there is no speculation in what I have written, it is first hand experience and the wholehearted truth.

We went with high expectations. It was a disappointment from the start. As well as the high entry cost, the tubes need to be hired for some rides.

Also, the small pool for younger children had a very slippery floor (FACT). I know that pools can be slippery, but my 6 year old was walking slowly in the shallow water and slipped and fell on his head causing a significant head injury requiring medical attention (FACT). The Doctor was very good, but spoke no English (FACT). Translation cards for basic information gathering would be beneficial I.e. Are you allergic to anything, do you feel dizzy or sick (SUGGESTION). Whilst receiving treatment, 7 other children slipped on the same area (FACT, DIRECTLY OBSERVED).

The lifeguards spoke no English either (FACT). My son & I were told to remove our t-shirts whilst in the junior pool. I understand the need for big slides as they may pose a risk, but no-one could tell me why I needed to remove mine whilst spectating (FACT).

What promised to be a lovely family day out turned into a real disappointment (ABSOLUTE FACT).
Written 3 July 2017
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James M
Strabane, UK1 contribution
Tourist beware
Jun 2017 • Family
Went here with my young family on what was supposed to be a high point of our family holiday. On arrival at the park the boys were understandably excited to see the slides and pools, that was the high point of our experience.
The first attraction we went to my oldest son was told to remove his goggles as they were against regulations for anyone to wear goggles on slides, they are only permitted for swimming we were told. As it was for children only my youngest son wouldn't take part as we weren't allowed to take him to the top of the slides. So we moved on.
The next pool we went to had a few larger slides. Again no goggles so my oldest son only went down a few times before he said that the water was hurting his eyes and he only wanted to swim. My middle child still isn't swimming properly and has down syndrome but wanted to go down the slides. When he got to the top of the slide he was told to take his arm bands off as they were against regulations. Being the thrill seeker he is he agreed but sunk like a stone when he hit the bottom. So we moved on.
Next was the wave pool. All was well as we were only swimming and arm bands were allowed. Although if we wanted to swim we could have stayed in the hotel and the waves wouldn't start for another half an hour. So we moved on.
Next was a simple pool with a Jacuzzi beside it. Again no problem for swimming but no goggles in the Jacuzzi as it is an attraction. After a conversation with lifeguards as to the reasoning behind this, it was almost time for the waves, so 8ļlwe moved on.
So back into the wave pool no problems. That is until the waves were about to start. This transforms the pool into an attraction which means no goggles. So we moved on.
Straight back to reception to ask for our money back. As I booked online they will have to refund the money to the card it was booked on. I still don't know if I'll get this or not. So I had to call a taxi to come back to the park to collect us. €25 each way by the way money which is lost. My advice, stay at you hotel and throw your kids in the pool, much more enjoyable.
Written 23 June 2017
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M. H
23 contributions
Fun day
Sep 2016 • Family
Good place for children, specially from 8 years can leave them freely during the whole day and be sure they'll enjoy a lot.
Maybe a bit expensive and closes too much earlier.
Written 20 December 2016
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Helen B
Birmingham, UK4 contributions
Amazing water park
Aug 2016 • Family
We have visited Aquopolis Cartaya on numerous occasions over the years as it is a wonderful day out for the family especially for children under 12 years. There is a lot of space and shade with many facilities and of course great water rides.
My journey this year was not so good as I broke my foot which was not particularly the parks fault but more a silly accident.
This said the park and its staff handled my situation unbelievably well, from the moment I saw the medics who were very caring to meeting the Manager Rodrigo Casado de Santiago. As soon as we realised it was a broken foot Rodrigo put in place so swiftly transport to and from the hospital and assistance at the hospital which made the whole saga more than bearable.
Although I am on an endlessly slow route to recovery I would like to thank all of the staff for their kindness and assistance which was most appreciated at a very difficult time for me.
I cannot recommend the Park highly enough

Written 27 August 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

The Netherlands102 contributions
Get € 20 per person and burn it, will be more fun!!!
Aug 2016 • Family
This waterpark can be found between Cartaya and el Rompido. There is a bus stop in front of the park but connections are poor. So a car is necessary to get here. But think twice before coming here!

There are a couple of slides, about 6 and a few pools, one with waves. Further there is a lovely mini-golf site, and further there is a lot of lovely concrete.

But get ready for the most ridiculous rules and to be bothered about everything you want to do. The lifeguards do their best to ruin your day, and they are very good at that. You will spent most day reading the signs for what is allowed and what not. Or a child is too big or too small or what you are allowed to wear. The best part is that there are different signs for one attraction or pool. The lifeguard applies the sign most convenient for him. If thats not possible they say that the sign for a complete different pool applies, just to be sure you will irritated. Anything which looks like metal is "dangerous" even in simple pools! This means even wedding rings are considered "dangerous". If you want to complain you must do this in Spanish because otherwise nobody will understand you.

The waterpark is not friendly for North Europeans! You are not allowed to wear caps, t-shirts or protective bathing suits for children in the water. So if you or children have a light skin, beware!!!

I strongly recommend the aquatic parks in Portugal, those ar more tourist friendly and don't apply strange rules!
Written 17 August 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Ralf J
Marlow, UK62 contributions
A bit tired
Aug 2016 • Family
The slides themselves are fine. Good range and when we went on a Monday the queues were ok, but I wouldn't want to be there on a weekend. The orange slide which is off to the left of the main slides is a good ride, but due to the way it works with one rider at a time who then has to be 'fished' out at the bottom, the time in the queue is much longer than the others. When we arrived there were no more than 30 people ahead of us and we waited a good 30 minutes.

The whole place is just tired, it has a very sad looking mini golf which looks half abandoned and the slides themselves seem to be in reasonable condition but there is no attempt at any kind of landscaping to blend them into the environment.

This would all be ok though if it were not for the TERRIBLE level of service from the staff in the cafe / snack shops. I queued for 15 minutes to get a drink when there were only 3 people in the line ahead of me. As others have said, the food looked terrible and I certainly wouldn't have brought anything like a burger or pizza.

The staff on the slides seemed ok, but we suffered because our 5.5 year old was 1cm below the 120cm cut off which basically excluded him from any of the slides other than those in the baby area (much to his understandable annoyance).

That being said, my 9 year old loved the place and being 135cm was able to go on all the rides as long as myself or my wife were with him (you need to be >140cm to go on your own.

We spent about four hours here and I would recommend paying €6.50 for a pair of loungers and an umbrella. I would also suggest it is worth paying the extra €10 to hire your own rubber ring, this means you don't have to wait in a queue at the bottom for the next free ring before joining the actual queue for the ride.
Written 11 August 2016
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Southport1,145 contributions
Never Again!!
Aug 2016
First and last visit to this waterpark. We decided to give it a go and obtained some tickets from our Rep at our hotel to go. We had to make our own way there by taxi but didn't really mind as long as we had a good day out. It opened at 12:00 and closed at 19:00.

On our arrival we realised that it was quite small and there didn't appear to be many slides. We went to hire a locker and paid a deposit for this also. We were told we also needed to hire a double ring for the rides for 10 euros. We hired one between us and made our way across to find somewhere to sit.

Once we found a couple of sunbeds we started laying our towels out. We were approached by a member of staff who clearly didn't speak much english but was asking for money for us to use the sunbeds. We couldn't believe it. He told us in broken english that we could sit on the floor or pay for the sunbeds. We decided not to bother with the sunbeds as hopefully wouldn't be needing them much anyway!

There seemed to be a baby/ toddler section and a children's section aswell as the bigger slides. We made our way to the children's section as we were with a 7 year old. The floor in the childrens pool was very slippy and I saw a couple of children slip in the water. Our 7 year old made his way up to the slides only to be told by a very rude member of staff at the top that he was too big to go down the slide?! He was quite upset about this!!

We went towards the wave pool as the waves were coming on. Our 7 year old was told he wasn't allowed to wear his goggles in the pool and i was told that i couldn't wear my wedding rings in the pool?? I was told to "take them off or not come in." I asked why but the staff member had very limited english and just said " you take off or you not come in". I didn't go in. For one i couldn't get them off in the heat even if i tried too and secondly I don't see why i should!!

So far our day wasn't going as planned!!

Next Our 7 year old went to go on the bigger slides to find that we could only use the double ring for 1 ride!! We had been told we needed to hire the ring... for 1 ride!! As you can imagine we were getting rather annoyed with the place by this point!!

We decided to get some lunch and sit down for a bit, we shouldn't have bothered!! The food was awful. Cold chips and the wrong drinks given to us. Also the tables were covered in ants!! We decided we had had enough and didn't want to waste our day in this awful place!! We left the food and the park approx 1 hour after arriving!!

When we handed our locker key back in the staff member didn't seem interested in anything we had to say when we told her why we were leaving early. She was rude and kept speaking and sniggering in Spanish to her colleague!!

I certainly wouldn't recommend this place!!
Written 8 August 2016
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