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Ken P
1 contribution
Screwed on a Demo
Jul 2021
Be very careful renting a bike here. I rented a demo and the folks who set me up were awesome--could not have been happier. Then when I returned it, to different folks, they said I damaged the bike. When I said I am not sure how as I did not crash it, I was accused--literally--of being a liar. The guy (tech manager maybe) was a total a-hole about it. Said the bike has hardly even been out so it must have been my fault. That even though the tires were so worn and the whole bike covered in scratches, there was no way the bike went out with a scratch on the front fork, so it was my fault. Maybe it was , maybe not--I have ridden mountain bikes for 20 years, and crashed a hell of a lot of them and NEVER have I seen this particular issue. EVER. Find it strange the one time in my entire life I demo a bike and all the sudden I screwed up the front fork. At the end of the day, they said I was lying, and I say I was ripped off. I ended up paying extra for damage I am not convinced I caused just to move on. Too bad as I really liked the shop--but frankly was so turned off by this guy being such a jerk. He even said I must be lying and pointed to dirt in the rear derailer as "proof" that I crashed. Guess I did not know a mountain bike would get dirty. Will never walk in that store again, and to the dude who was so adamant I was a liar--KMA dude!!I
Written 25 July 2021
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1 contribution
Just sadly, Consistently Disappointed.
Jun 2021
I am a local to Fruita, and believe in supporting local business when possible, even if it comes with a reasonable greater expense. I have visited this store on 4 occasions with the consideration of purchasing a mountain bike. First, not to their fault, on my previous visits, they did not have what I wanted or would fit at the time, and that's ok. I wanted to purchase local and in no hurry. I waited and revisited. I try to take into consideration we all have bad days and experiences, but, very time, I repeat, every time I walk in this store, I received uniformed on product help, condescending attitude and behavior, and the immense feeling you are "putting this person out" to help. Within 2 minutes, I'm looking for the door. It is clear you are "sized up" and predisposed to think what you are there for(or not there for). They could not have been any more wrong than with me on this visit. They had a bike in stock I wanted and fitment, $6000, and I walked out the door in pure frustration and disappointment. Is this what it was going to be like every time I needed service? Ironically, the service dept. was the saving grace that motivated my return trips, They helped one of my friends out at closing with a quick repair on a Saturday evening. I was impressed. Great service in the back, that day, but just not enough to keep me willing to buy anymore. No longer worth the long term risk for such an investment. Done.
Written 6 June 2021
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2 contributions
Best bike shop
May 2021 • Couples
Over the Edge made my experience in Fruita over the moon!! I rented a Trek Fuel EX 9.9 AXS from them for our trip to Fruita and what an amazing bike!!!! Their shop is so amazing and has so much awesome stuff from vintage bikes hanging from the ceiling to amazing and passionate staff always greeting people with enthusiasm and excitement! Everyone was so crazy about biking and it made me that much more excited for my adventures! The tech ran me thoroughly through the bike, adjusted it to my height, and showed me all the cool features on this sick bike. I never rode a full suspension bike before but he made me super comfortable with a bike that wasn’t even mine! It has wireless shifting and made my ride just so much more amazing! The bikes are very fairly priced for rental and their website was super easy to navigate through the process! These guys are truly the best in Fruita! If you need a bike to rent, definitely check this place out!! Passionate people and beautiful bike shop! Thanks a lot to everyone at Over the Edge!!!!!
Written 28 May 2021
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Ali S
1 contribution
Condescending and rude
Apr 2021
I'm not quite sure what to say. I came to Fruita for a quick 24 hr getaway from the noise of the world and enjoy riding bikes with my husband. When I called for help over the phone for my rentals, I received great service and the two people I talked to were super helpful. Upon arriving to the shop to pick up my rental bikes, my husband and I, both expert riders, were deciding who would take which bike of the two we rented. I understand that it isn't right to automatically assume everyone is an expert, but never in my life have I been spoken to in such a condescending way as I was by the person helping me get my rental bike. He set the bike up for my husband and when I informed him that the bike he was setting up would be my rental for the day he was unhappy that he had already set it up for my husband and would have to change the bike to my height/weight specifications. (My husband was already deep into getting his rental set up with a different technician at this point) I informed the technician of the bike I ride at home in hopes that he would understand that I was an experienced rider and that I wasn't renting a bike over my head. As the set up of the bike continued, the condescending nature of my technician continued to the point that I wanted to leave as soon as possible so my husband could set the bike up for me to my specifications instead of being talked down to by the service technician. My husband asked where they suggested we ride (never once did anyone ask our level of riding) and the technician that was helping set up my rental told us a mellow place to go and said there were some other trails in the area we should stay away from and that my husband could bring me along "if she can handle it" as he looked at me. What was my excitement for 24 hours of a wonderful experience with my husband left us angry and bitter about our experience.
Written 3 May 2021
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San Diego, CA4 contributions
These guys actually care
Apr 2021 • Friends
Came to Fruita-like everyone else-to take in the epic mountain bike riding the area has to offer. Day 1 of 3 my rear hub blows out. As I walked my bike back to the truck a guy tells me to check out Over the Edge. Called and was told they’d find a way to get me back riding. Not six weeks from now like I’d hear in hometown Albuquerque, but by COB today. Absolutely amazing. AND they charged me retail for parts and a very fair price for labor. The place was super busy. I know why. You have bike issues? Go to this place, they rock.
Written 20 April 2021
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Scott D
Glenwood Springs, CO23 contributions
Incredibly poor sales and service.
Jun 2020
I drove a considerable distance to the shop with my wife to buy each of us a new bike. Its been awhile. We spoke to one guy and were completely blown off. I was told there was one like I wanted 'in the back'. Then he stood there. These are $4000 to $5000 bikes right? (x2) We left empty handed. Sorry to have bothered you.

Incredibly poor sales/customer service. We are trying to support local business. This was an apalling experience and a long quiet ride home.

There are a couple other bike shops in the Grand Junction area, please go to them. They were kind, attentive, and quite willing to sell new bikes.
Written 7 June 2020
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Marla M
1 contribution
Fast, Friendly, Affordable
May 2020
I arrived in Fruita on the weekend with big plans for mountain biking, only to discover I had no back brakes. Over the Edge was inundated with business, but they still fit my bike in first thing on a Sunday morning and made it as good as new! They fixed my brakes, front derailleur, chain and made some adjustments on my shocks all in one hour, so that I had plenty of time to get out there and hit the trails! Great customer service and repairs, and even more, I was shocked at how affordable it all was!
Written 17 May 2020
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

Chris C
Denver, CO49 contributions
Over the Top Customer Service
Aug 2019 • Couples
My wife and I visited fruita in late summer and we needed to rent her a bike, but also wanted to get some early riding in before the midday heat. We weren’t able to pick the bike up the night before but Kirk at OTE offered to take the bike home so we could pick it up in the morning. Serendipitously Kirk had the day off and was also going to ride at Mary’s Loop, so my wife got some pro riding tips! We got a good bike at a good price, along with some expert assistance and truly over the top service. I highly recommend this bike shop!
Written 18 November 2019
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Fruita, CO66 contributions
Need urgent repairs and reasonable cost? Go here!
Apr 2019 • Family
This place has never failed to meet and exceed my need. No appointment necessary, just walk right in and tell the techs what you need and they are on it!
Written 13 April 2019
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Guanajuato, Mexico120 contributions
Best bike shop by far
Jan 2018 • Friends
Amateur or pro-rider, youngster or old dude, this place can help you with bike purchase, rental and service. They carry a small range of brands but that allows in-depth knowledge of their bikes, the parts and behavior.

Best value option is to rent a bike, to try it out and then look to buy an ex-rental. You can save lots of money off the new price this way. If you want new, they can help you choose the right size and model for your comfort. There are plenty of variables in choosing a bike. Get help from these experts!

Even if you are only visiting Fruita for a cycling trip, talk to the people at OtE about the trails, levels of difficulty and conditions. You can learn plenty from these guys!
Written 9 July 2018
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of TripAdvisor LLC.

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