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Pharmaceutical Museum Matanzas
#1 of 156 Museums in Cuba
I have been to a couple of pharmacy museums and have always found them quite interesting.
Muchas Gracias Sr. Isbel Sanchez for the Matanzas and Havana History Tour including the Pharmaceutical Museum from the group of Canadians.
Martha Jimenez's Studio Workshop Camaguey
#2 of 156 Museums in Cuba
We began our Cuba tour in Camaguey at Martha's gallery and although we had seen mention of her at a New York museum show a few weeks earlier, were not fully prepared to appreciate the superior quality of her work.
National Museum of Fine Arts Havana
#3 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Right up there w great museums in America, the National Museum of Fine Arts has a vast and varied collection.
Unlike Museums at many cities that’s busy, crowded and with a cold/snobby atmosphere, National Museum of Fine Arts was tranquil and warm.
Museo Napoleonico Havana
#4 of 156 Museums in Cuba
One of the best museums in Havana and a definite must see!
Today, the restored mansion is home to an unexpected museum to find in Havana - a major Napoleonic collection which includes many items related to Napoleon and his life and personal items including his death mask...
Mi Casa Beatles Santa Marta
#5 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Diego Velazquez Museum Santiago de Cuba
#6 of 156 Museums in Cuba
One of very few amazing museums
Visiting this museum is a like magical travel in time, back to the old days and centuries when Santiago de Cuba was discovered and founded by the Spaniards.
Church and Convent of St. Francis of Asisi Havana
#7 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Great Baroque building which has been turned into an interesting, well-designed sacred art museum.
Beautiful church and former franciscan convent, now a small museum of sacral art.
Taquechel Pharmacy Museum Havana
#8 of 156 Museums in Cuba
We stumbled upon this working pharmacy museum accidentally and what a great surprise.
It is a good sized museum, free, and very attractively designed.
Trinidad Architecture Museum Trinidad
#9 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Tour of the historic center, house of music, Holy Trinity Church, Museums, Liquido in Casa de la Trova, Visit to a sanctuary of Afro-Cuban religion.
Trinidad has a charm of its own with facinating colonial buildings and the Architectural museum has details of how the buildings were designed and constructed.
House of Rum Varadero
#10 of 156 Museums in Cuba
The store is well provided and is a museum and exhibition in itself.
Rum Museum/Store worth the visit.
Romance Museum Trinidad
#11 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Best museum in a city known as the City of Museums.
We were extremely pleasantly surprised by the beauty and richness of the museum.
Museo de Historia Municipal Trinidad
#12 of 156 Museums in Cuba
The mansion is gorgeous; it has been restored beautifully and the exhibits of Trinidad's history, though highly political, are very informative.As in all museums, it does help if you have some Spanish.
This museum as the many others in Trinidad is very well maintained and offers valuable information on the history of this wonderful city.
Taller de Ceramica Artistica Varadero
#13 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Museo Giron Playa Giron
#14 of 156 Museums in Cuba
the visit to this museums has been extremely commovating: keep off your derty hands from Cuba, remember the pig's bay !!!!!!!!
Was a very good insight to the history of the invasion Small museum but exhibits interesting!!Text is only Spanish
Lolo Galeria-Taller Matanzas
#15 of 156 Museums in Cuba
On a Metropolitan Museum of Art trip to Cuba we stopped in the town of Matanzas and visited "Lolo".
Museo de Arquitectura Colonial Trinidad
#16 of 156 Museums in Cuba
We were shown round by one of the museums guides.
A great museum to visit (Trinidad has many of them) the artifacts are well kept, well displayed and the information is clear and informative.
Museo de Agroindustria Azucarera Remedios
#17 of 156 Museums in Cuba
The Museo de Agroindustria Azucarera is a local museum focusing on the histories of slave culture, the sugar industry, and pre-diesel locomotives that once transported sugar cane to local factories.
We then watched a short film about the history of sugar production in Cuba, followed by a guided tour through the museum explaining the whole process.
Museo del Ron Havana Club Havana
#18 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Really interesting with many photos, some weapons, museums and clothes as well as a great deal of information.
Again one of our ore-booked tours, great museum and history of Havanna club rum , adjoining bar we had the option to make our own mojitos , and the museum shop is the cheapest place to buy the local rum
Yudit Vidal Faife Trinidad
#19 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Museum of the Revolution (Museo de la Revolucion) Havana
#20 of 156 Museums in Cuba
We went to very few museums..in fact I dont really enjoy museums since Chicago has some world class museums but this one is special.
Definitely recommend going here if you're interested in history, the cold war, or just like museums.
Museo Arqueologico la Cueva Del Paraiso Baracoa
#21 of 156 Museums in Cuba
An easy walk up the hill from town to this very intriguing museum with good displays and explanations in Spanish.
The official of the museum spoke Englisch really well and we chatted along about cultures and the museum for almost longer than we actually stayed in the museum itself :)
Palacio de Bellas Artes Havana
#22 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Lots of stimulation; you'll see class trips there-local students are studying art at the museum You;ll have to check your bag (as with most museums in Cuba) I think it was $1 just take anything with you that you n...
The Cuban people are very much known for their high-quality art of all kinds: the visual arts (as in this museum), the performing arts (as in el Gran Teatro, known for its world-class ballet, which I was fortunate...
Estudio Taller Santacana Havana
#23 of 156 Museums in Cuba
I confess art is not an area of expertise for me - but from a business standpoint, my general impression was that the art we saw was created more for the museum market versus the consumer market.
Museo del Chocolate Havana
#24 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Its agood option enter this museum, because with the history they have in their cristal shels, you can sit and enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate or a glass of cold chocolate, eating bomboms!!!
Keep heading south until you get to Museo Armería 9 de Abril, a former gun store now a museum displaying antique guns and weaponry (including two used by Ché Guevara).
Museum of the City (Museo de la Ciudad) Havana
#25 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Museo de Artes Decorativas Havana
#26 of 156 Museums in Cuba
As with many museums in Cuba, it is best if you understand a little Spanish.
Hidden treasure of a museum
Artecru Varadero
#27 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Lookout Farm (Finca Vigia) Havana
#28 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Great museum in Havana
從哈瓦那舊城區大概25分鐘車程, 除了撫今追昔還可以來一杯[海明威雞尾酒] Used to be residence of Hemingway and wife Paula and now is Hemingway museum.
La Marca Havana
#29 of 156 Museums in Cuba
Drogeria Johnson (Johnson Drug Store) Havana
#30 of 156 Museums in Cuba