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Kuokkalan kartano
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Gumbostrand Konst & Form
Art Galleries, Conference & Convention Centres, Gift & Speciality Shops
Art Centre Salmela
Art Galleries, Civic Centres
Pori Art Museum
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Several interesting and skillfully organized museums with great collections in the same building in the fascinating historical industrial area.
The museum center has multiple fixed museums inside, e.g., Gaming museum, Ice hockey museum, Post museum, Mineral museum, etc. and some changing exhibits.
I've been to a lot of maritime museums, and this is surely one of the best.
A must see when you visit Marianhamn and are even a tiniest bit interested in museums.
The owner showed us around and made me feel so special The collection of bikes was incredible and the way everything was displayed was so creative I have visited a lot of museums and this was by far the best
A few weeks ago we were in the UK, and visited the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, which traced the history of UK manufacturers, and had 100’s of motorcycles, wonderful to see, but for visual presentatio...
One of my favorite museums.
One of the most interesting museums in Finland
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Finland is a very nice places, a lot of tidy cities, museums, bars, restaurants.
I love these Scandinavian historic building open air museums.
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Inside are two museums: The Maritime Museum of Finland and The Kymenlaakso museum.
My husband loves Maritime Museums so we went in.
Rich and well preserved history, many museums, nice cafes, beautiful landscape, great nature (and they played trumpet from the cathedral top!).
We happened to be here on the most glorious sunny day in May, but even in bad weather these islands would make a fascinating trip, with excellent museums, beautiful views and atmospheric history everywhere.
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Turku Castle Turku
One of the best museums in Finland.
It was badly damaged in II world war by Russian airplanes but stands today as one of the most visited museums.
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Museumship Pommern Mariehamn
This is a spectacularly interesting museum - being able to wander around the decks of this unique ship with excellent signposting gives some idea of what life was actually like on vessels such as this.
I suggest to start with the museum which gives a necessairy background for the visitors.The ship is well preserved.
Siida Inari
We were advised to buy a Culture Pass that allowed us to visit on multiple days as well as other museums in Rovaniemi (the impressive Arktikum), a bargain at EUR 20 per person.
This is a fabulous museum and is a great and complete exposition of Sami life and culture as well a wonderful exhibits of Lapland flora and fauna.
This is one of the best museums to visit!
We spent hours exploring the fascinating shops, workshops, and living spaces in this gem of a living museum.
It's quite a small science museum, but very engaging and interesting - lots of hands-on exhibits with multi-lingual displays.
The ticket also now includes all the films at their cinema which is great as this allowed us to increase the time we spent the museum.
... explored the portraits, and then both had jet-lag catch-up to us and headed back to our hotel room after only a couple of hours (we are the type of people who can practically live in art galleries and museums).
And that is the one we loved most of all other museums or galleries, we had had a chance to see in the capital of Finland.
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There is so much to see (and read), that one could easily spend several hours here, especially in summer, when the various ships moored along the museums quayside can also be visited.
Forum Marinum offers something for everyone: there are exhibitions, both permanent and changing - and several museum ships to visit, including the famous Suomen Joutsen and the unique barque Sigyn.
... and 19th century art in their original setting - gives a different kind of appreciation for the way art hangs in museums these days when you try to peer at a portrait that's hung right at the top of the wall.
This museum (for me!) is much more interesting than another art museums in Helsinki.
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But defenetly if you visit Turku and you love history or art - or just museums - visit here!
... are medieval ruins and exhibits on historic Finland, and upstairs you'll find a modern art gallery, and a river runs right through the building, which makes for an amazing café in between the two museum areas!
The latter which is normally associated with old fashioned natural history museums has been displayed very tastefully here recreating both the current and palaeoenvironments of the Finnish wilderness.
The way the displays are created makes it a fun and interesting place to wonder around, unlike other museums where they are just in standard glass cases.
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Lappeenranta Fortress Lappeenranta
Well worth a visit and very interesting displays in the museums with the Fortress
Inside museum, art gallery, shops and a nice Majurska cafe.
There are several museums: Emma, the art museum, Clock Museum, Toy museum as well as Espoo History Museum.
Emma is a great museum with often very ambitious exhibitions and excellent collections.
Moomin Museum Tampere
This is how new, world class museums do it, and they did it really well here in Tampere.
I've been in hundreds of museums, but this is unique one.
There are 5 other aviation museums in Finland which is great for such a small nation.
Excellent museum for aviation lovers
One of the best museums I've been to in a while
This wide, informative and diverse museum brings alive the history of forestry in Finland.
Arktikum Rovaniemi
One of the best museums exhibiting natural, scientific and cultural displays, something for all ages.
We weren't at all disappointed - a great museum with plenty of richly detailed exhibitions on the history, geology, flora and fauna of the Arctic.
I have been to a number of museums throughout Europe and in the United States that have exhibits devoted to medieval art.
One of the best national museums
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The exhibitions are all really well done, with some interactive pieces, and a fresh take on museums.
For those who enjoy museums a must visit.
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Särkänniemi consists of several different areas: amusement park rides, the observation tower named Näsinneula, the planetarium, the aquarium, Sara Hilden art museum and the fairy tale farm named Doghill.
Also includes a huge tower, art museum, aquarium, dolphinarium and loads more!
... of the hill....beautiful and mesmerising view ...when lit up with lights and colours, The Turku Art Museum is a symbol of Great Finnish Past,- History, which portrays the hardships /struggle of the common man,...
This art museum has a good concept: It has good own collections from the "Golden Age" of Finnish art (fin de siècle), temporary exhibitions are always very relevant (this summer a Swedish star Dick Bengtsson), and...
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The museum covers the history of the Finnish Air Force that was founded in 1918.
The museum is lovely, with some one-off and first-rate examples of aircraft.