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Things to Do in Petra - Wadi Musa

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Located at the main tourist street and only three minute walk from the main gate to Petra. Opening Times Location Online bookingOpening TimesWe are open seven days a week throughout the year from 10 AM to 11.30 PM2000 years ago Petra society was described as "half Bedouin, half farmer". The same description was given to Petra society at the beginning of the nineteenth century. A team of partners and specialists have spent almost 10 years developing the idea of this exhibition to create a better understanding of the history and anthropology of the area. No one can deny the fact that the history of Petra is still alive. To explore this idea, we invite you to this new and exciting exhibition where you can see and enjoy a cultural experience:• Petra in the eyes of the first photographers.• Traditional tools and instruments.• An unforgettable cultural experience.• Local produce available to try and buy.We are trying to make our history understandable and to bring it to life. To experience all this, come and visit the new Petra Life Exhibition for Traditional Heritage, which must be seen to be believed! EXHIBITION SECTIONSA: Arabian coffee sectionB: Water and wateringC: Animals dresses and decorative accessories sectionD: Bedouin tent and weaving techniques sectionE: Bread making sectionF: Traditional construction tools sectionG: Peasant house sectionH: Agriculture sectionI: Leather- manufactured items SectionJ: Shepherding sectionK: Traditional costume, jewelry and beautifying sectionL: weights and measures instruments sectionM: Lighting sectionN: Recreation section (games and music)O: Weapons, defense means and hunting tools and techniques sectionP: Photo gallery (Petra in the eyes of the old photographers)Q: Medication, herbal and spices sectionR: Incense and aromatics sectionS: Traditional food sectionT: Cooking pots section Petra's long history stretches back through antiquity, the remains of which can still be seen inside and outside the ancient city. This is confirmed in both historical and archaeological evidence, which is at hand for specialists and far away from ordinary persons. It became evident to the owners of this exhibition, who are native of Petra, that the society of Wadi Musa and tourists should not be isolated and must be incorporated in many cultural activities and events.Recent studies have shown that human patterns of life continued to be almost the same from the Nabataean period up to the end of the Ottoman period. From that time onwards, modern changes related to the globalization and social changes affected the community as well as lifestyles which led eventually to the loose of a considerable part of our heritage and traditions. If the situation continues as it is, the historical memory of the region will be erased gradually.It is a matter of fact that the visitors of Petra do not have full access to the cultural heritage of the region either tangible or intangible. They have access only to the archaeological site and all the information provided are relevant to the monuments of the city itself. Preserving and presenting other cultural heritage elements as tourism products seems to be a necessity since the Petra region lacks such important places. It is clear therefore that creating new attractions in Wadi Musa will help tourists enjoy the Jordanian cultural experience. The establishment of this exhibition will create this opportunity for the visitors of the archaeological site of Petra.We have created this permanent exhibition showing the history and heritage of the greater Petra region which is the only one of its kind in the southern part of Jordan to focus attention specifically on the heritage of our recent past. It represents a unique and valuable source of information and provides the perfect environment for visitors to explore a broad spectrum of topics related to the heritage of this part of the world during the last two centuries.
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